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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Old Things ~

I finished a project today for Cindy of Wisteria Place. I've made these simple collages before and she has always wanted one ~ I'll share with you how I assemble this one.

I print the poem out from the computer and let the ink dry. Next I spray with instant coffee (you can refrigerate this for later use!), blot with a paper towel slightly, until I get the look I'm wanting.

I place the sheet of paper on a microwave safe plate on top of a paper towl and microwave it for about a minute, checking for dryness. I sometimes have to do it for a few more seconds but be sure to keep checking it or it could burn!

Next, I find the elements that I like that represent old things to me. Lace, a woman's photo, old ribbon and millinery flowers. I ironed the flowers so they would be as flat as possible. I ironed the ribbon in the folded position, too. And I ironed the lace so it would be nice and flat. I simply used a glue stick to hold everything in place.

Slip it into a frame that you love and you're finished ~ I hope you like yours, Cindy!


Utah Grammie said...

Sooo sweet! You did a fabulous job yet once again! And I LOVED the packaging on the watch - so thoughtful..

madrekarin said...

She is going to love that, Dawn!! So simple and sweet.
PS- I have tagged you. I'm sorry. :)

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Oh! I love that! Thank you for the sweet tutorial!

Lori said...

that is so lovely Dawn!
and btw: thanks for all the heads up on the give~aways in blogland, you are so sweet!!! i won something already that you had posted about:)

Alison Gibbs said...

Dawn that is so lovely.

Victorian Lady said...

That is so beautiful :) I love the poem too!

Kentucky Bound said...

How beautiful! You have "the touch". I've found your blog to be an oasis in my crazy life this week! Thank you!

Kathy said...

Dawn - lovely as usual -- never thought of using the microwave -- hmm wonder if it is safe when I use my ink sprayed tags -- takes a long time to dry otherwise ( i use my blow dryer sometimes and dry flowers sometimes in there - -(don't know if the spray is toxic - yikes -need to read labels now that i think of it -- It is by Tim Holtz - Also the wrapping for the watch is exquisite -- all the attention to details gives me pleasure as it does you and your
customers , feel so special -- Thanks , for being you and sharing all the tips and ideas -- Kathy GA >

Anonymous said...

I love your blog but wondered if you would share with all of us the different kinds and the brand of glues you. These are so important when doing projects and getting objects to stick properly such as what kind of glue do you use when gluing to glass and metal or when you added twigs. Thanks for all of your wonderful inspiration.


Elaine L. said...

Thank you for sharing your technique for aging paper with coffee.


wisteriagirl said...

Oh...My..I absolutely love it!! Can't wait to get it. Ms. Dawn, you just have that "special touch". Hugs, Cindy

sherri (Tied Up In Ribbons) said...

beautiful. Wish I could read the poem better--it's my bad eyesight. The parts I could read are wonderful.

GardenGoose said...

that is so pretty. love that poem!

Nancy Lee Malay said...

Oh, Dawn, this is just so lovely! Your blog is a journey of one gorgeous thing after another!



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