Friday, February 28, 2014

Simple thoughts ~

I didn't accomplish much today so I thought I would share a few
images that would encourage you and make you smile!!!

Happy Friday angels ~
hugs and love,

Thursday, February 27, 2014

A few new projects ~

I've had a few ideas on my mind...
one is a special request from a sweet customer and
the other?
Something I just want to try!
First...some sweet images for you:

I had a dear customer of one of my needle books want a crochet hook book
to keep her precious crochet hooks safe that she'd inherited from her family.
Well, I have a few crochet hooks of my own,
so I've managed to create a pattern.

She wanted it to have the look and feel of my needle books as well ~
So I pulled out the crochet hooks that I've collected over the years to
use as a gauge for sizing the pockets for her crochet hook book!

I'll be sure to share with you the finished book...and I so hope that she loves it!!!

Another idea that has been cookin' over here?
Using these wonderful, old gloves that I've collected over the years
to make a few BEAUTIFUL fairy shoes....
the leather is ultra thin and is preciously aged.
I actually printed out my own fairy shoe tutorial out just to make these!!!
They will be very white on white...with beautiful aging as well ~
stay tuned to see how these babies turn out!!!!

I so love being creative...
And most of all?
I love sharing it with you!!!

Happy Thursday dear friends ~
hugs and love,

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Finding my way back ~

I truly am find my way back, that is.
Back to making pretty things, enjoying the studio and
coming up with new ideas to share with you.

The soap biz has totally sucked me dry.
We are slowly cutting back our production
as my sweet hubby is working so much with his
full time job and we simply can't keep up.
So we've put our little soap shop
on holiday for the time being.

I look at it as a positive thing as
I've missed blogging regularly and missed sharing
what I find and make with you!!!

Can you believe that February is almost over???
And March here in Georgia
always brings the whispers of Spring...
I'm so looking forward to it this year too.
Seems it's been a rough Winter for everyone!!!

Thank you so much for stopping by...
And especially for your sweet comments,
they are so appreciated ~

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday precious friends,
hugs and love,

Friday, February 21, 2014

Simple offerings ~

O. my. land...we have been working on a HUGE soap order!
1800 pieces!!!!
They are little rubber duckies floating in a tub of soap but
they all need to be bagged up and tied with ribbon to be shipped.
I feel like I am drowning in soap over here!!!

But after this order is shipped we are hoping for things
to get a little back to normal over here.

I had a special order of a few lavender sachets.
One was for my customer's friend and one for her father ~
she lays the sachet on her pillow each day, gives it a squeeze to release the fragrance
and loves hers so she asked me to make to more for her loved ones.
Here are the two that I sent her:

Of course I made a few extra!!!
Just two though ~
here they are and they've been listed in my Etsy shop if you are interested....
they make such sweet gifts!!!!

Hopefully this MASSIVE soap order will be out of here soon and
I will be able to get back to my creative goodness....
I love you all so!!!!

Happy Friday, Happy Weekend!!!
hugs and love,

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A little hello ~

I had to stop in and say hello to you my sweet friends.
It seems I've been absent too long from
this ol' blog. I miss you when I've not posted too.
Just a few images I scanned a long time ago ~
you may even already have them!

I hope you are doing so good...
Wishing you a beautiful Wednesday dear friends!!!

hugs and love,

Friday, February 14, 2014

One crazy week!!!

First of all, even though it's almost over,
I want to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!
It's been very low key here...
we ordered in Chinese and are enjoying a quiet evening at home.
I hope your day has been so good!

And THIS is why we've had such a crazy week!!!
We had terrible ice storm hit Georgia and paralyze the state once again.
This time it was much worse, causing power outages and falling trees.
We were fortunate and never lost power and only a few small limbs
were lost from the old pecan trees surrounding our house.

And the crazy thing?
The very next day, every bit of this ice VANISHED!!
Completely gone, melted as if it had never happened.
Thank goodness folks weren't stranded on highways like last time though!

I think we're all ready for Spring!

I also wanted to show you the beautiful lantern my sweet hubby
gave me for Valentine's Day ~
I just love it!!!
(from Hobby Lobby)

Wishing you a wonderful weekend dear friends,
hugs and love,

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Celebrating Seven Years of Sharing!!!

I can't even believe it!
February 11th was my seven year blogging anniversary!
Seven years of sharing my home,
discoveries and
my life!

What a gift this little ol' blog has been.
I've made some of the most precious friends here.
And they are all around the world!!!
How amazing is THAT?
I always loved the idea of pen pals and blogging
has made it possible to have so many.

Some years have been better than others.
We all know that sometimes all that goes on
in our lives can prevent us from keeping up with our blogs.
But as a whole, I'm still so happy blogging.
I love sharing and love my friends here so much.

Thank you always for taking the time
out of your busy lives
to stop by to see what I'm up to!!!!
Here's to many more years of blogging
and sharing all that I love ~

Happy Wednesday precious friends,
hugs and love,


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