Monday, December 31, 2012

A New Year's Wish ~

It's time!!!!
Time for a new beginning...a fresh start!
My wish for you dear friends is that this new year
will hold so much goodness and love for you ~

That you will see dreams come true,
you will stay happy and healthy and
that we all will be blessed beyond measure!!!

Happy New Year precious friends!!!
hugs and love,

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy Birthday to my sweet baby...

He was due December 20th...the birthday of our oldest son!
Our oldest turned 15 years old and the twentieth came and went.
I was 35 years old and felt ancient.
I was so very pregnant and ready to see our new baby boy.

Finally on December 29th, at about 5:00 in the afternoon
they hooked me up to be induced.
At almost ten days late, you could say I was quite READY!!!

Our precious family members poured into the waiting room,
just knowing that this being our FIFTH child, the labor should be swift and
we would all be able to see our sweet Noah soon.
Ugh NO.
It just wasn't going to happen!

My body was tired and said...uh, no, this ain't happening...
after much begging to my OB, I finally delivered a precious baby boy
early in the morning of December 30th, 1997 by cesarean section.
He was absolutely BEAUTIFUL.
But to me, all of our boys were beautiful!

So today, our least 'un...our little baby boy Noah,
turns fifteen....
And what a precious soul he is!!!
Just when I thought our family was complete,
this little angel sneaks up on me ~
Dear Lord, thank you so much...
I'm so very glad he did!!!

Happy Birthday Noah!!!
I'm sure you know, with four older brothers,
and your mama and dad
and really ALL of your dear family...
that you are truly, truly LOVED!!!

Counting my blessings
on this almost New Year's Eve precious friends ~
and always wishing you...
A Beautiful NEW YEAR!!!
hugs and love,

Friday, December 28, 2012

Are you excited???

I am!!!
I can't help myself....
We are on the cusp of a new year.
A fresh start.
A new beginning!!!

I am so ready to be done with this past year.
It was a hard one for us ~ and maybe for you as well.
But we have this wonderful new year ahead of us...
and I'm so praying it will be great one!!!

But I guess ultimately,
it is up to us...
to make this new year be incredible ~
to do what we are scared of doing,
to make changes that need to be made...
and to ultimately make happen what needs to happen!

We can pray for guidance but it is up to US
to put into action what changes need to be made.
I always say the Lord gave us a brain for a reason,
yes, He can help us but guess what???
We must do our part too!!!
We can make it happen.

Wishing you a wonderful Friday,
a great weekend and of course,
a very Happy and Healthy New Year!!!!

hugs and love,

Thursday, December 27, 2012

My totally random birthday shopping spree!!!

I just have to share a few of my birthday finds with you!
I had my dear sewing machine looked at by the tech at
The Scarlet Thread quilt shop in McDonough, GA
He was such an angel....
he adjusted a teeny little thing as my bobbin
was catching a little bit and shouldn't have.
Anyway, he saw what needed to be done and POOF it was fixed!!!!

I thanked him ever so much, he told me no charge and
insisted on giving me a tiny birthday gift of fabric,
how wonderful is THAT???
And of course the quilt shop was so amazing...
I ended up spending a little birthday money there!!!

Here is a shot of some of my goodies!
I had to hit our local Goodwill and found the wonderful set of Little House books!

I found more rhinestone goodness at Michael's and of course a new bottle of Fabri-tac,
And the tiny fabric squares from the quilt store are so very beautiful.
But I do not quilt!
Who cares?
I will use these to create sweet lavender sachets.....

I found this wonderful Laura Ashley rose scented lotion today too!

I found this sweet, old children's dictionary at the thrift too!
Great images, and tons of illustrations...

I don't think you can truly see the shade of the blanket I found for our bed...
It is the palest shade of Robin's egg blue EVER!!!
It's been so cold here in Georgia...
I can't wait to get this wonderful goodness on our bed!!!

A few new ink pads and the most wonderful stamps too!

Most of  my pics from Christmas are just horrible!!
Bad lighting...etc....etc.
But I do have to share these sweet photos!
Clara and her sweet cousin Brant eating together at the baby table Christmas day ~

Wishing you a wonderful Thursday precious friends!
hugs and love,

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fifty-one? Oh my goodness!!!!!

Say it ain't so.
Because, I'm just here to tell you....
I can't believe it IS so!

But I guess it is.
And I will accept it.
My age doesn't really matter....
I really don't give two hoots about it!

But what I do care about is my family.
Their health.... their safety...and their entire well-being ~
These precious babies that I birthed mean the world to me....

To know they are all happy and healthy?
THAT my friends is the best birthday gift of ALL!!!
I love my babies....and my precious husband!

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday sweet friends,
hugs and love,

Monday, December 24, 2012

My Christmas wish...

A simple, sweet note this Christmas eve
to wish you a very Merry Christmas
filled with all that you love!!!

With many hugs and much love,

Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas blessings ~

Our sweet granddaughter Clara at almost four years old now!!!

As I get older...I find myself weepy this time of year.
Not for what I don't have or what I can't buy,
but for all I have been given in this life ~
I'm so very grateful for my precious family
and so, so many dear friends.

Our angel grandbaby Murray swaddled and loving it!!!!!

Christmas is such a thankful time...
I'm very thankful for so, so many blessings but most of all,
I'm thankful for our Lord's love and the gift of His precious Son. 

Our precious granddaughter talking to her baby brother Murray:

The Lord above loved us enough to send His one and only Son to Earth...
to live a perfect life,
and then die on the cross to pay for all of our sins ~
JUST so we can live in Heaven for eternity.....
It was the ultimate sacrifice...
His Son for our eternal life in Heaven.
The most precious gift of all!

This is how I see Christmas
as a gift.
Christmas is the gift of Jesus from his Father God
to us....
so He could sacrifice Himself for us ~

Wishing you the most wonderful Friday sweet friends!!!!
hugs and love,

Thursday, December 20, 2012

I can't even believe it!!!

How in the world can I have a THIRTY year old???
I guess because time is flyin' by like the wind and
I'm getting older by the minute!

Today is our oldest son Brent's thirtieth birthday!!!
He's the oldest of our five boys and definitely the leader of the pack.
He's a wonderful father to our grandbabies and husband to sweet Emily ~
and he is always, always willing to help his brothers,
us, or anyone else that needs it.

This boy is a jack of all trades, fixed our dust buster when he was only eight years old
and can repair most anything else that needs it!
Clara even tells me when something that's not working right
that her daddy can make it work :)

Oh, and by-the-way...the boy loves bass fishing!

Happy Birthday my sweet Brent...
we love you and your precious family so very much!!!!

I hope you have a wonderful Thursday precious friends!
hugs and love,

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas thoughts...

I pulled up a post from a few years ago to share with you as I always,
always love to make you smile ~

As a child, Christmas was magical to me....
I remember the anticipation and excitement so vividly!
Just putting the tree up was the best thing EVER!!!

My parents would put on our Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, Ray Coniff with his singers and
Johnny Mathis Christmas albums and I was transported to a whole different world.
And these were played on an old record player,
you know, the kind with the needle and turntable?

One beautiful memory I have is,
after the tree was decorated...
lights, ornaments and everything,
I would lie underneath the tree and just look up.
It was so beautiful....
At that moment, the magic of Christmas began for me ~

I found this precious photo of Clara when she was just a little baby...looking at the lights ~
She is absolutely LOVING Christmas this year!!!
Now, being three and a half, she is totally into Santa and all of the gifts ~
and she's also realizing that a little elf is watching her behavior and reporting to Santa!

We finally finished our Christmas shopping ~ a blessing and such an accomplishment!

I hope you have a beautiful Wednesday dear friends,
hugs and love,


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