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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sweet inspiration from my art room ~

I gathered together most of my little vanilla baby and doll dresses for a quick photo ~ I want to turn some into artwork and am still thinking on these ideas.

Some are Christmas gifts from dear friends,

Some are tattered finds from antique stores,

But all are so pretty and inspirational to me ~

Here are a pair of shells that I found on the outside of an antiques store, way out in the country. They were quite dirty but I saw that they were beautiful and knew I had to have them! I want to make a seaside assemblage soon and one of these will be the star ~

This is a tiny little plaque that I bought from another antique dealer when she used to sell in The Plum Tree. I just love the little girl hanging the May basket on the door ~

A small framed poem I've had for years ~

The lace draped over the window in front my sewing machine and also a makeshift clothes line! I have a beautiful linen hanging from it that says "Good Morning" but I've added items to the line and have the message covered. Each little item is sweet and special ~


Sara said...

beautiful items Dawn! Thanks so much for sharing! I especially love love the dresses and clothing!!

Blue Mermaid Cafe..... said...

Very pretty Dawn! I loved it all. xoxo Nita

Nancy said...

From friends or thrift shop - like new or tattered - all of these little bits of clothing are so pretty and give the feeling of such innocence. I love your shells! Shells are shell art are some of my favorite things!

Charmingdesigns said...

Your sea shells are beautiful! I am so ready for spring. I always bring out sea shells for my summer decor,

Heidi said...

I just did a blog entry about my own baby clothes. I showed a few items from when I was attending an English Infant School but I still have a number of my own dresses from when I was a baby like my first Easter dress. They are precious items and vintage baby clothes are art in themselves just thinking about who may have worn them.

Hugs ~

Shop girl said...

So beautiful as always...I love the vintage fabric. The little dress is so pretty. I should find my treasure box and take pictures of my stuff. I just love coming to your blog. Mary

Shop girl said...

I love the movie...Miss Potter.
I can't tell you how many times I have watched it....good choice...It's so much fun to find the things we may have in common.
Hugs, Mary

madrekarin said...

Beautiful. Simple, sweet baby clothes are the best. I can;t wait to see what they become.
Thank you for the kind words about my glasses on the blog. We have to get together for a craft day soon. :)

Lori said...

how wonderful...those little dresses are very very sweet!!!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

What beautiful inspiration!

Storybook Woods said...

Oh love your baby dresses and your window turned out charming !!! Clarice

Miss Maddie's said...

As an antique textile appraiser over the years I've come up with a few tips on how to make use of some of the beautiful infant dresses in my care.Their fine lawn fabric allows air to pass through so you can purchase lavender buds(your previous post tells you where to find them) and fill a small drawstring bag with them (you may make or purchase this).Hang the delicate gown on a padded hanger and hang the pouch on the inside of the gown from the hanger also.
Hung in a area(the bathroom or a bedpost) where there is airflow the beauty of the gown can be appreciated as well as the heavenly scent.The pouch can be renewed with a few drops of lavender oil every few weeks.
This is also delightful in a little baby's room as lavender is known to promote relaxation.Enjoy!

LivingTheLife said...

Your treasures are lovely. I just adore those little baby dresses...can you I love to do...who wore each of those pieces...who made them...were they hand me downs...oh the history those sweet frocks could tell.

The sea shells are so lovely, too...I can't wait to see what you create. Love your window draped with inspiration and sweetness.


Miss Sandy said...

Would you per chance need any items for your seaside assemblage? I have an abundance I can share as I get a little nuts collecting when we vacation at the beach.

Miss Sandy

Anonymous said...

I love your collection of antique baby and doll clothes. I have a small collection of Victorian & Edwardian undergarments (chemises & petticoats) that I'm playing around with to come up with a nice display. The "clothesline" on your window looks fabulous! ~ Lynda xo

Cheryl said...

Oh Dawn...I want to show you what I did with one of my "vanilla" baby dresses! I also have a collection and have been trying to think of something special to do with them for quite some time. Email me at and I will show you piccys! ;) hugs, cheryl


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