Friday, September 30, 2011

The thirty-second photo shoot ~

I mean it....this angel is going a mile a minute
and this teeny photo shoot took me all of thirty seconds!!!
She has so many facial expressions, I just had to laugh!!!
Oh, and by the way, some of the pics are blurry...
and do you have to ask why? :)

Doing a little dance!

Tryin' to make her mad face but you can so see the smile breaking through!

And for your Friday viewing pleasure...
just take a look at more pics my precious
DIL Emily took around the farmhouse lately:

Wonderful, huh???
Emily has such an eye for composition!!
And these pics just show you more of the stuff I've collected over the years :)
Hello, my name is Dawn....and I am a hoarder...of cool, old stuff!

Have a blessed and beautiful Friday precious friends,
hugs and love,

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Anyone have a little energy they can share?

I can't get over how incredibly tired I am!!!
Being a Mimi is hard work...but the most precious work of all, don't you think?
We colored together today...and told stories...

I'm on the cusp of turning 50 and can hardly keep up
with my sweet Clara, a mere 2 1/2!

Today's post is filled with more gorgeous Master's paintings for you...
Can't you see them on the front of handmade cards?
(remember to click them twice for the largest size :)

Plus a few glimpses from our visit to my mom and dad's house
in the GA mountains last year in the fall.

It was so dad has a rep for driving "just a little" too fast
and here I am with my camera hanging out the window and I could barely
get a decent shot because we were pushing 60 mph!!!!

I finally had to tell my dad to PLEASE slow down
so I can get some beautiful photos of the leaves :)

Isn't it funny how each of our family members have "little things" like that?
I admit it, when I was young, I drove like a crazy banchee!!!
And I SO got it honest!
But the more children I had, I finally calmed down a bit, thank goodness....
the traffic tickets were killing me and our insurance premium!

We going to have more fallish temps in Georgia this weekend
and YOU KNOW I'll be in HEAVEN!!!!

Wishing you a wonderful Thursday my dear friends,
hugs and love,

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

All in a day's work ~

I found a few more gorgeous old masters paintings that I know you'll love!
They're really old and perfect for your artwork.....

"The Music Lesson"

I found this beautiful photograph below on and fell in LOVE...
it's now my wallpaper on my computer.
Please forgive me for not knowing the source!

I took a couple of photos around the house
to show you that I HAVE been doing something :)
Hanging gorgeous old prints, mirrors and such....

You must remember, my house is a hodge podge.
Gathered furniture to create each room...some at the thrift,
some pieces from a yard sale or
even when we had the antiques store.
But the crazy thing is,
that's the way I LOVE it!!!
Nothing matches. at. all.

I hung my sweet bird girl over the guest bed.
She's so beautiful....
I need a few more goodies flanking her because if you know me,
I love TONS of stuff on the walls!
Plus I need a few plump, new pillows from Ross to fill the pillowcases for this bed.

Do you remember all of the baby prints from my old studio?
Of course I've saved them all and they will be beautiful grouped in the guest bedroom!
Here's one hung over the french doors that lead into my studio.

I'd love to share some precious mail love I received yesterday...
A sweet friend Sue, had a few goodies she knew I'd love and mailed them my way ~
That's the thing about blogging,
your friends really DO know what you love!

A wonderful mound of children and baby photographs!!!!

Just look at them all!!!
Thank you so, so much Sue ~ they are absolutely PRECIOUS!!!!
I will treasure them all and of course I'll share them with my sweet readers too :)

And in other news :)
We have a MASSIVE order in house for our soap business for the holidays so
I've been having a precious guest every day,
my baby Clara....
while her mama, daddy and my DH get it ready!
We even have a few other dear family members helping as well....

Clara is so big acting now! I can't get over it.
Big enough to play with tons of toys,
watch her favorite shows and she lets me sew a little too!

My newest project?
A new flea bag....
tiny in size but big in personality!!

I just listed this sweet bag in my Etsy store!!!

I added a wonderful old coin to the strap....a few old keys to weight down the flap ~

Just big enough to hold your cell phone, wallet and keys......
while you're junkin'!!!!

Have a very happy Wednesday precious friends ~
you always, always make me smile!!!
hugs and love,

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Beautiful things ~

I just love these prints.
Sweet Jill of Feathers and Flight
offered them on her beautiful blog....
I so need to make something with these!

If you've not seen these little beauties yet ~ I just had to show them off here!
Lisa of Tarnished and Tattered made these winter ballet slippers
and of course sold them IMMEDIATELY in her Etsy shop!!
She's going to be teaching a class for Paper Cowgirl
sharing how to create these beautiful slippers.....
wouldn't a pair be the most wonderful gift to give someone you love?

I think I found this on Pinterest....I love it.

Don't you just love this gorgeous bracelet??!!

I have to share a wonderful jewelry artist with you!
Christine of Christine Marie Studio....
Her Etsy store is chock FULL of handmade pieces
that have that gorgeous vintage feel we all love ~
Please stop by and take a look if you can!

I've still been working on the house, hanging tons of prints and other items...
It's SO evident we used to own an antiques store!!!
I'm hoping to get back into the studio soon :)

Wishing you a beautiful Tuesday sweet friends!
hugs and love,


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