Sunday, October 15, 2017

Welcome back sweet muse!

It's funny how our creative muse works (or doesn't!)
Seems mine's been on break for quite awhile but
is slowing returning!

I think it may be the changing of the seasons.
Fall is my very favorite and it always brings creativity!

So, in returning to blogging a little more often,
I thought I'd share a few projects that I've recently finished.

First, I've altered a beautiful bottle that I've had for years.
Yes, years.
It has beautiful lines and I finally decided it was time
to give it a facelift!

I've used wonderful wedding lace and even a piece of the back
of a vintage wedding dress to feature the gorgeous satin buttons.
Of course I had to add my favorite seam binding and
even a vintage rhinestone pin.

The French label is a favorite of mine and suited it perfectly!
The small ruffle under the satin button section is actually
the wrist section from a vintage sheer glove.

Yes, I cut it to pieces. But I only had one and now it looks
so pretty on the neck of the bottle.

It would look beautiful displayed in a bathroom or on someone's dresser.
I've added it to my Etsy store if you'd like to take a peek!!

I also finished a few pressed flower bookmarks!
These have already sold but I plan on making more.
I have a huge phone book FULL of pressed flowers!

I'm sharing the photos below because I simply love drying flowers.
They are beautiful to me alive or as they dry!

And lastly, this girl.
Thelma seems to love my new throw and has claimed it as hers!

Next up?
I'm going to alter a few apothecary jars!
I'll be sure to share as soon as I'm finished ~

Thank you always for visiting me here!!!
hugs and love,

Friday, October 6, 2017

Happy October dear friends!

Every new month that comes along always seems to surprise me!
What happened to LAST month???

As time flies by so very quickly,
all it takes is for me to look at my saved photos
and I realize it's flown by because I've been so busy!

I thought I'd share a little bit
of what's been going on in my neck of the woods.

We had our sweet granddaughter Clara over to spend the night
and also to create a little artwork!

I can't believe she is 8 going on 9 years old!

Such a pretty princess ~

And just LOOK at her beautiful artwork she created!
She gathered all of the elements, I provided the sheet music and
wooden backboard. She placed the elements and
I simply glued them down for her ~

Another project finished?
We have a small gap in the wall between our kitchen and dining room
So visually it's just yucky looking and cluttered.
I whipped up a small curtain, used a piece of screen molding and nailed it up
with only four nails. It can easily be removed and laundered too!
Problem solved.

I also put together this wonderful nature inspired shadow box.

And this one as well...

Both hung in our living room gallery wall!

A dear neighbor friend gifted me these beautiful limelight hydrangea blooms
to dry...they STILL look this gorgeous too!

Potted up some curly ivy in this long planter I found at the thrift store!

I purchased this nautical style wax melt lamp at Wal-mart and it has a glass tube
that slides right behind the metal framework.
I simply printed this beautiful French label onto vellum, taped it on and
it instantly looks so much more interesting and diffuses the light as well!

I sewed a new curtain for our back door which also happens to be our laundry room.
This piece is from England and was originally a laundry bag!
I love the way it looks with the light shining through ~

Another project that was finished was a pendant lamp that I made with
an old birdcage top!

I purchased the lamp kit with plug and switch on Amazon then proceeded to
put it all together. I just love how it turned out!!!

A small arrangement I put together and hung in our living room ~

I finally framed a treasured piece of sheet music I'd had for years
in a gorgeous antique frame that I'd had for awhile as well.
They look so beautiful together!!!

Our family is GROWING!
We are expecting a new grandchild the end of January 2018!!!
Here is a pic of Clara and Murray finding out!
Her name will be Kathleen Tilly Edmonson and
she'll be called Tilly.

Our little grandson Owen came for a visit and we had the best time
playing with him!!! He's already NINE months old!!!

Then I hosted a wonderful flower day party the day before
Heather and David's wedding September 28th.
My dear friend Tammy came over and gifted her talent
and arranged ALL of the flowers for the wedding!
Thank you so much sweet friend, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

And one little shot from the wedding that I truly was so beautiful!!!

A few ideas that I had...
Printing images onto vellum and applying them to
glass cylinder candle holders!
I've sold a few but need to make more to put into my shop!

And lastly, my current project!
Bleaching pine cones and transforming them into Christmas ornaments.
It's a work in progress, I'll be sure to share them finished!

Good grief.
This post is ridiculously long.
I need to post more often for sure!
I'm really going to try to do that too...

So now I see why September flew by so quickly!!!!
Thank you always for stopping by to see what I'm up to ~

hugs and love,


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