Sunday, February 28, 2010

There are still a few around that I love...

magazines, that is.
I love all things old,
classic, cottage, restyled and antique...
not mod, urban and sleek.

I still love Victoria magazine,
even though it's not the original
they are doing a wonderful job with the new one,
don't you think?

A few more antique photographs for you ~

I have the latest issue of Victoria and think it's beautiful!

They have a feature inside about Peacock Park Design....
and I'm so in love with the products they design
with that vintage look and feel. And they even have a blog!
Gina's studio was featured in the latest
Where Women Create magazine too ~

Don't you just love looking at beautiful things?
I'm sure that's one of the many reasons blogging
has become so popular.
I think as women we need beauty around us...
it soothes our souls and makes us smile.

Wishing you a beautiful, relaxing Sunday precious friends,
hugs and love,

Friday, February 26, 2010

Getting there....

I'm so demanding of myself.
I want things to look AMAZING ~ immediately!
It's the perfectionist in me....
and I just have to realize that it will take time.

Emily, Clara and I loaded up the space with what I had today.
It really does look better but just not what I envisioned yet!

I finally DID get all the burlap hung in the back of the shelves...
of course it sounded like I was jack hammering the place!

On the very positive side...I saw a LOT of empty spaces on
the two little shelves that we have stuff on ~
how neat is THAT??

And now they have items on them again ~
but there is still SO MUCH room for more.

I know you want to see but remember that
we still need to fill the space with tons more things!

Do you see the antique typewriter in any of these photos??, you don't.
I'm having a little bit of a hard time letting that little sweetie go ~
Can you blame me??

I hope you have the most amazing weekend dear friends!!!
hugs and love to you all,

Busy as a bee!

I've been covered up in getting all of these goodies
ready to go to the antique mall.
Emily, Clara and I are heading there today!
It always feel so good to get everything out of the house
and where it's supposed to be ~
plus it's not selling here in the dining room!!!!

This window's not going yet...but this is the "BEFORE" photo!

I just have to tell you, this magazine...
Flea Market Style, is EVERYTHING I'd hoped it would be!!
Thank goodness, too.
I've gotten to where I hardly buy magazines any more...
It is almost ten dollars but it's a keeper!!
I found mine at Books-a-Million but
I've seen it at Ingle's grocery stores too...

Here are a few more antique photos for you....

This little girl and cat sleeping are just precious.

You know how I love to embrace brand new bloggers....
I just want them to realize how wonderful this community is
and introduce them so they can feel the love!

Please welcome Susan of Susan Degeneres Studio ~

And please welcome Karen of Welcome to My World ~

Thank you for stopping by to see me.
Seems quite amazing that someone else cares enough
to stop by, read about what you're up to,
and then to even comment and say hello!!
Blogging IS such fun.....
You truly are all such precious friends ~

Have a very happy Friday!!!
hugs and love,

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Well, hello!

It's frigidly cold here this morning in Georgia...

wind chills in the teens ~

But we can dream of spring, right?

And look at what I found this morning!
An amaryllis bulb from Christmas before last....
peeking out to say, "Hello, is it spring yet?"

Dreaming of spring . . .

xxoo, Dawn

Rusty, raggedy and worn...just what I love!

How wonderful is this photograph....
A mother with her sweet baby ~
For you...

Precious children ~ for you as well...
(the little baby looks really surprised!)

Here are a few more treasures
that we discovered this past weekend ~
Why am I drawn to these photos of strangers?
Their faces...the beautiful shades of sepia ~
I love tiny leather pouches and
have used them in my artwork before.
And of course, you know one can NEVER have enough buttons....

Raggedy old books...
one is even a French text book from college!

A year book from an all girls school ~
The cover is what sold me....

And I discovered that I'm in love with Ace Hardware.
I found this wonderful wire that I'm going to use to make hangers
for these cool glass containers.

This one even had a little rust!!!

I've been working on another load to take to the antique space Friday.
We're slowly getting things together and
we don't actually pay rent until March 1st ~
and we've already almost sold enough to pay it!!

And I just have to show you this!
Tammy from Rock River Stitches bought my fairy in a jar tutorial
and placed a photo of her little grandbaby's face over the fairy's!
I just love her Tammy!!

Wishing you a wonderful Thursday sweet friends,
hugs and love,

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Total randomness.....

I think when you are a tired blogger
you need to declare "totally random post!....
what do you think?
I've been catching up on everyone's blogs and
not really doing anything worthy of posting
so I just went through my photos and have posted a few ~

Just a few photos and images that I love ~
click any to enlarge or use any in your artwork :)

My home ~ things are a little different now
but still have all the same elements.

Of course, I'm never to tired to share with you sweet new bloggers ~
We always need to welcome them with open arms!
Please drop by and say hello to Daria Pew.....

Wishing you a WONDERFUL Wednesday my precious friends!!!
hugs and love,

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Artwork....the lure of burlap....and gifts ~

First, a wonderful image for you!!!
I think that maybe these are the little girl's grandparents ~
she is just adorable!

My latest art quilt is home from Stampington!!!
It features my sweet Grandmother and represents
how she always nurtured my creativity....

Plus I made a gathering basket and quilted it here and there ~

Both are being featured in the new Art Quilting Studio that will
be out March 1st!! I just got my complimentary copy the other day ~

Remember the small square soap?
Well, I decided to add a touch of burlap
and twine to give them a more rustic look.
Emily helped me get them all wrapped and ready
for the antique space!!

And some sweet mail love from Marie of Lost Bird Studio....
One of her beautiful art pouches filled with little bird goodies ~
The bag is such a work of art to me ~
Thank you so very much Marie,
you are such an angel for sending me
this pocket full of treasures...I love it all!!!

I think I need to make something.
I've been so obsessed with the antique space
and haven't been creating art....
it really is therapy, don't you think?

Thank you always for stopping by to see me
and what I'm up to ~
I love your precious comments!

I hope you have a great Tuesday sweet friends,
hugs and love,


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