Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Signs of Spring here at the farmhouse....

I found a wonderful poem for you....
to celebrate Spring's arrival ~
yes, I know it arrives quite early here in Georgia,
but I have to post about it to cheer those of you that have to wait a while!
If you still have snow, just know this...
those little buds are coming!!!

Here are a few photos of what's happening around here at the farmhouse ~

Our view from the front porch ~

Looks like I've got some work to do to our front porch to get it ready for Spring ~
I think I still need to wait a few weeks,
you just never know what will happen in March!!!

While I was slinging the camera around I took a photos of our foyer ~
I just love this old black clock. We need to get it repaired because I have
heard it's beautiful chime (isn't that what it's called?)

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday precious friends!!!
hugs and love,

(a re-post from last year....
because it all is looking the same right now!!!)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Working hard and watching the time fly!

I've been working really hard over here!
A few more needle books are in the works....
Seems most folks love the white on white ones ~

When I get back from Paper Cowgirls, I am GOING to organize my lace...
it's really a shame to have all this beauty wadded up!

Don't you think? :)

Plus, I've been getting everything together
for my class at the Paper Cowgirl Art Retreat!
Since I'm flying to Texas, I have to ship everything out there ahead of time.
It's really a good thing as it's making me be super organized, I think.

That was one of the reasons I re-created my project,
just so I could make sure of each component I used.

There are so many wonderful activities planned in addition to the classes....
Shopping in downtown night!
The shops are staying open late just for us ~
I can't wait to see The Dove's looks like such a gorgeous shop.
Plus, we get private shopping Friday night at the Petticoats on the Prairie
antique market and show that's in town Saturday, March 17th!
I can't buy anything big but maybe I can find a few small bits and bobs
to add to my hoard :)

And the time is near sweet friends....
Registration for classes ends THIS Thursday!!!

It's almost goodness what happens to the time?!

Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday precious friends,
hugs and love,

Monday, February 27, 2012

Thoughts of Spring ~

Well, you won't believe this....
but here in Georgia,
we had to cut the grass in our yard last week!
It seems we're having our March in February this year ~ but that's OK...
I can't even believe our shrubbery, the trees, just everything!
There are little buds are everywhere,
teeny little leaves are showing themselves as well.
The birds are so happy, singing and loving this mild weather!

I really am looking forward to our porch looking like this again :)

We had a relaxing weekend around the farmhouse this past weekend...
my biggest accomplishment was a yummy loaf of banana bread
and I didn't even get a picture of it!

I hope you have a wonderful week this week and I can only hope
I get more accomplished than I did this past weekend!!

Have a beautiful Monday dear friends,
hugs and love,

Friday, February 24, 2012

A thankful day ~

It seems thankfulness is reoccurring theme here on my blog.
I can't help it though.
It's one thing I always want to nurture...
and never want to lose.
True thankfulness.

I'm so thankful that sweet folks have spent their hard earned money
to attend a class that I'm going to teach at Paper Cowgirls.
I do hope that they will be pleased and enjoy it!
I've been working so hard on getting my kits together for each class member,
preparing it all so they will understand my instructions,
have all the supplies they need
and even have the means to create more when they return home!!

I recreated my project today, took photos and made sure
of all the supplies needed.

My newest little peat pot baby:

And I'm so very thankful for my family ~
a family that cares for one another....
Chase shows up this afternoon
with a brand new shirt that he'd bought for Noah.
Noah's almost fifteen...Chase is almost twenty-one.
He remembers how it feels to be fifteen.
To see my babies care for each other always, ALWAYS
warms my heart!!!

Brent will change the oil in his brother's cars, to save them money....
David will buy food and cook for everyone on the grill....
Brad is the best gift-giver...
and even gave Clara a precious Valentine basket.

Speaking of that sweet angel ~
Clara's hair was getting terribly tangled and she's tender-headed so
Mimi gave her a fresh little bob....
These pics are not my best but you can see how beautiful she is!!!
Can you believe she is almost THREE???!!!

A thankful heart is always a happy heart ~

Wishing you a wonderful, happy and thankful Friday precious friends,
hugs and love,

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'm feelin' lucky!!

Why, you say?
Well, as of late, I've been fortunate enough to win three giveaways!!!!
One is from the UK and hasn't landed yet but you know I'll have to share
the goods with you when the package arrives :)

A couple of scans for you from Carol's sweet gifts....

For you to be able to save the LARGEST size of my images:

Right click on the image.
Then....Left click the image AGAIN.....
you will now have the FULL SIZED IMAGE.
Now you can right click it to "save image as"
and save it to your own computer.

Donna of Brynwood Needleworks had a giveaway on her blog for a set of
gorgeous handmade napkins she created!!!
And I won!!!!
Now, please tell me this though....
how in the world am I EVER going to be able to use these beautiful things?????
Aren't they wonderful???!!!
Thank you so much sweet Donna, I love them so much!

And Carol of Queen Be's Altered Needs was in the mood to destash her studio
and hosted a giveaway as well ~
I just happened to be one of the winners too!!
Of course, being the hoarder that I am...
I welcomed ALL of her wonderful gifts!!!
Thank you so, so much Carol, you know what I love girl ~
I will treasure it all and hopefully use it too!  :)

Just remember sweet friends, you can't win a giveaway if you don't enter!!!
Gifts from blog friends are just the best.....

Wishing you a wonderful Thursday dear friends,
hugs and love

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The little box that could ~

Do you remember the little box that I deconstructed to transform???
It now has a new life, a new purpose...
to make you smile!



Measuring only about 2 1/2" wide and about 2 1/4" tall....
she is now an "Ode to Spring"!!

I also went treasure hunting and
you know I have to share with you what I discovered!

Hobby Lobby has a massive Easter section and I found this wonderful ribbon.
It is much neater than burlap and since I am in love with textures ~
I had to buy a roll!! It was on sale too :)

I also hit the antique mall and found a few teeny treasures.
I'm such a cheapie that I never come home with tons but what I do find,
is priced low and always what I love!

A neat old poetry book ~ why do I love these old books so?
I can't help myself!

I have a soft spot in my heart for old pincushions too...
I'd been admiring this one for months.
I guess it was meant to be mine as it was marked 50 percent off!

Plus a pair of old rhinestone earrings, perfect to adorn an altered bottle...

Inside the poetry book:

And lastly, a tiny little brown transferware bowl, plate thing.
It's stained up but I don't care, I will love it like it is brand new!

The photo below is really awful, but I found this pair of frames...
and the front glass is domed,
I always love that!!!
And as much as I love botanicals,
the dried flowers and butterflies inside were destroyed.
The back was glass too but I took it off,
removed the dead stuff and washed the frames really well.
Now they become something new!

Making the old new again....
transforming a cast off into something treasured,
or just loving something because of it's history~
it's what truly thrills my soul!!!!

Have a beautiful Wednesday dear friends,
I treasure your visits and always love your comments!

hugs and love,

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Time's a flyin' by!!!!

As much a want to be creative....I find myself not getting to things.
Noah is out of school this week for winter break and
instead of spending time in the studio,
I'm watching wonderful old movies,
and relaxing like I'm on vacation too!

I really am about to start working on the tutorial for my Paper Cowgirl class though,
I want the girls to have something they can refer to when they leave
should they want to make more of my little peat pot baby!

Can you even believe that the Paper Cowgirl Art Retreat is now just three weeks away????
Good grief, what happens to the time?
There are still a few openings left if you can join us!!!!!

I hope you have an amazing Tuesday dear friends,
hugs and love...


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