Saturday, November 14, 2015

You know I love you, right?

I mean it.
Because of you...
because you appreciate my little creations...
buy my simple little tutorials...
I was able to purchase a NEW COMPUTER!!!

I'm so, so very grateful and thankful!
And, y'all...
I'd been using the same computer since 2008 and
just didn't realize how slow that baby had become.

I did have a back-up hard drive but hadn't backed it up in
years so I possibly have lost a ton of images and photos.
But I also purchased an encasement for that old hard drive
and my son is going to take it out,
put it in the new encasement and see if it will be accessible.
He's thinking it was the fan in the old one that blew.

Oh well, you don't care about all that!
But I still just wanted to thank all my friends and customers
for helping me get a new computer so I am back in business!

In other news...

We went to the North Georgia mountains last weekend
to visit my precious mama and daddy. Good grief I love it up there!

In the studio?
I'm working on a transformed treasure box!
I'm adding a beautiful antique image on the top and
embellishing with lace and trinkets.
I'll share soon!!

I hope you are doing so, so good!
Thank you always for stopping by to see me
sweet friends.

hugs and love,


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