Saturday, January 5, 2019

Happy New Year dear friends!

Yes...I know. I know.
I've been gone a long, long time.
But I really do love this blog and SO pray
that I can connect with you all
much more here this new year.

The transition of moving was so easy, the move?
Not so much.
I hate to keep harping on that fact but it truly was a hard thing.

We are now settled in our sweet new home and now that Christmas is over
I feel like I can now concentrate on decorating AND
of course working on the new studio!!!

When you have the amount of STUFF that I have, because believe me
when you are an artist you really need the items, materials and supplies
to create what comes to your's a daunting task to organize it all.

So that is my goal for the new year!!
To get the new studio organized and ready to make beautiful things!
My muse is poking me and I am ready to create!!!

I pray you had a beautiful Christmas, we really did!
And now that it's the new year it's time for me to shake off the old
and begin with the new.

Our small tree with big love...

I watched our precious grandbabies while mom and dad had appointments.
Can you believe baby Tilly??? She will be a year old Jan. 25th!!!!

Nine year old big sister Clara is always willing to help! Tilly loves her like a second mama!

And brother Murray chills watching his very favorite show!

Then the princess Tilly sleeps!

We decorated for Christmas...

We celebrated our sweet grandson Owen's 2nd birthday too!!! Born on Christmas eve
and now his daddy and mama, David and Heather are expecting a baby girl in May!!!
We are all SO excited!!! Her name will be beautiful is that??

Happy New Year precious friends,
I'm praying for a wonderful one for each and every one of us!!!

So now I will get back to getting my new studio in order because
I am so ready to get back to creating!!!
Wish me luck angels!
I'll share progress soon, promise!

Hugs and love,


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