Friday, April 29, 2011

You know how I love making things, right? Well.....

Hunting for the goodies to create with
is JUST as wonderful!!!!

Here's a precious babe image for you dear friends ~

I actually ventured out of the house and did a little treasure hunting!
(With the price of gas around here I've been very hesitant :)
"Little" is the key word here as I didn't find much, but I'm happy.....

A sweet old pattern, or maybe it's not even old....but I love the chicks!!
Oh, and it was FREE too! You gotta love free, right?

I have a teeny obsession with old leather goods ~
this is an old key ring thing....I love the aged leather.

I found this at Hobby Lobby. What is it?
It's artificial sinew. What's that?
I don't really know but knew it would be wonderful
to use to tie up twigs and such.

I found an assortment of corks too.
They are in several different sizes to fit some of the
bottles I want to alter!

I've been obsessing about this old pocketwatch....
I want to put a wonderful little assemblage inside ~

I've pulled this out too....I have GOT to make something neat from this too ~

I don't have anything good to show you that I've made....
but I sure have found some good stuff!!!!

My thoughts and prayers are with those who have suffered the awful
devastation from the bad weather we've been having lately ~
We've been spared in the past few storms.....

I hope you are doing so good.
I thank you so much for stopping by here.
And thank those who have purchased my artwork....

Have a beautiful Friday precious friends,
hugs and love,

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Making time ~

It's been so good to be creating again.
And I've actually sold a few items too!
Thank you so much sweet friends for buying my wares.....

I think that life has a way of enveloping us and
really, it should in many circumstances.

But as time goes by,
I see that I can get wrapped up in so many other things.
And don't get me wrong,
these things are important and need to be done ~
but creating something beautiful is my truly my bliss.

So what is this post about?
Making time for what makes you happy....
creating a little something beautiful ~

A sweet nest assemblage inside of a band box!!
Now in my Etsy shop....

Making's SUCH a good thing!!!

Love you all so much,

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Champagnes....creams....and coffees ~
and I'm not talking about beverages :)

Seems I can't get away from this simple "no color"
or in Beth's words "low color" scheme!

You want to know why I love it so?
They're soothing colors....
they will blend in beautifully with most any other colors....
they'll NEVER go out of style....
and I think they're just wonderful!!! :)

I finished altering a neat old decanter today ~
with a beautiful label,
(can you tell I love this one?)
one of the most GORGEOUS chunks
of net lace I had....
of course aged seam binding, crunched and scrunched
with a little touch of ink here and there ~
and then a sweet accent of vintage rhinestones!

Oh, and if you'll look really, really close
you'll see a tiny vintage jewelry tag
that I found at an estate sale ~
I don't know, it's just precious!
(these photos are way too yellowish but you get the idea)

I think this would be great bottle to hold a button collection, don't you?

I just added the decanter to my Etsy shop....
and this lone little sachet as well!!

I'm so trying to be creative each and every day!!
It's just making the time....and doing it :)

Thank you all so much for cheering me on and visiting me ~
your comments are like honey to a bee!

Have a great Wednesday dear friends,
hugs and love,

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Three little strawberries ~

I've always loved old strawberry pincushions...
Faded velvets in soft pastel hues.
I bought a pattern a few years ago and
decided to create a few of my own.
I wanted to use beautiful old linens and of course seam binding....
I love how they turned out  ~

Each strawberry is filled with crushed walnut shells....
which I've heard will help sharpen your needles ~
and it gives them a wonderful weight.

Instead of beads, I decided to dot my strawberries with French knots ~
What is it about French knots, I just love their look.

I made two from a pretty damask linen then attached them to each other,
kind of like a mom and baby ~

This pincushion was created from an old damask napkin.
It had pretty gold detailing...

Three little strawberries...
they make me smile :)

Now in my Etsy shop too!

Have a wonderful Tuesday dear friends,
hugs and love,

Monday, April 25, 2011

What's on your work table today?

We had such a wonderful Easter weekend!!!
I hope that your weekend was wonderful as well....

I just love this gorgeous image.....

Another pic for you too...such a sweet child ~

I have strawberry pincushions on my mind....
isn't it funny how things just stick with you until you just DO it??
I've stacked up a few vintage linens with the
intentions of transforming them into sweet strawberries...
and now I've finally cut them out!

No, they're not going to be your "traditional" red and green
fabric strawberry pincushions,
but you know I love when it's a little different
or off the beaten path ~

We'll see how they turn out!!!

I have to share a few pics of Clara today at her other grandma's house....
they live quite a ways down the road
and don't get to enjoy her as much as we do ~
They all had such a great day together!!!

This pic was taken at home in their yard ~
Can you even believe how big our little girl is getting??

Please pop over and visit Deb at Goofy In A Good Way to say hello!!!
She's a new blogger and feels like a teeny tiny fish in this big ol' blog ocean......
I love to make new bloggers feel welcome ~

Wishing my precious friends an amazing Monday!!!!
love and hugs,

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wishing you a blessed Easter my precious friends ~

The Son of God came to this earth.
He lived a perfect life....
and died for each and every one of us ~
to pay for our sins,
then He rose from the grave
just three days later so show us that
He WAS the Son of God.

And if we would only believe that He did this for us all,
we would live in Heaven with Him for eternity!!!

I had to share this video with you as well....
This hymn is one of my very, very favorites and is so beautifully performed
by Vince Gill and Carrie Underwood:

As the mother of five sons,
I can't imagine the heart-wrenching sacrifice our Lord made
for each and every one of us
and weep even at thought of it.....
Celebrating HIS precious love for us all,

Friday, April 22, 2011

Inspiration from the unexpected ~

I love creativity.
It could be mine, yours or someone I run across
while surfing the internet ~
Seeing something that another person has made always stirs me.

Just look at these gift wrap ideas I found on Style Me Pretty...
I love looking at wedding blogs and sites ~
so much of what's shared can be adapted for every day!

I remember running across this wedding book by Sarah Lugg ~
The Handcrafted Wedding
in Michael's one day and just LOVED it....
of course it had to come home with me :)
Sarah's artwork has been featured in Victoria magazine in the past.

Look at this wonderful bird seed favor tutorial...
I want to make these right now!
Wouldn't they be beautiful hung in a tree in your yard
at Christmas time?

I love this card display idea....
maybe for a small bird botanical??
Found here....

I love looking at something,
then trying to think
of a new way to use it...

Wishing you a very happy and blessed Friday
and Easter as well!!!
hugs and love sweet friends,

Thursday, April 21, 2011

All things beautiful ~

You know I love beautiful things, right?
Well, if I've not created anything new to share
I still want to share wonderful things that I run across!!

I'm so in love with this blog, Round Barn Potting Company....
it's a shop that I would love to visit one day ~
pop over and take a little look around.
I think you'll love it too!

 My sweet friend Deneen is hosting her very first giveaway!!!
And for what you ask?
Her beautiful PB knock-off ticket sign!!!!!

We are having such warm weather here,
and of course are always waiting for the next spring storm to roll in.
I hope warmer weather has arrived where you live too ~

Have an amazing Thursday my sweet friends,
hugs and love,


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