Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The love of old....

I think I may have used this title before but it's OK.
Because this thought is in my head always....
I do love old, wonderfully aged things ~

I remember as a little girl visiting my grandparent's old farmhouse and
just loving it. There was so much there to see and enjoy....
The old barn was wonderful!! And the oak trees in the front yard
were fairytale huge to me ~
they each had old rock walls around them and
giant roots that rose out of the ground.
The grandchildren would walk 'round the old trees,
stepping oh-so-carefully on the roots so as not to lose our footing.
I also remember seeing the biggest black ants around those old oaks!

Old is character.
Old is having a history.
Old is beautiful ~

hugs and love,

Sometimes life changes in just a matter of days....

Hoped for wishes can wash over you like a soft wave
when the water was so still just a few moments earlier.

Have I been creating in the studio so I can share a few lovelies with you?
Not right now :(
I will get back to it soon though,
my hands are always craving to make something new ~
And I've not even finished the tutorial I promised either!

I'll share with you soon what's going on!!!
Please forgive my lam-o post :)
Have a great Tuesday dear friends,
hugs and love,

Monday, August 30, 2010

In the mood for change.....

Do you ever get in the mood for a little change?
Fall always seems like a wonderful time of year
for freshening up and changing things.
Crazy, huh?
Usually spring is the season for sprucing up ~
What can I say, fall is my time!!!

So what's on my mind?
Beautiful shades of paint for the walls....
I think I've found a wonderful shade of khaki....
and as soon as I buy a sample, I'll know for sure.
It's Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan.
Here is a photo I found with a room painted in this gorgeous shade:

And another shade that I've always loved since Cindy of The Plum Tree
painted the antique store, was this gorgeous robin's egg blue....
Here's the formula if you love it....just CLICK HERE ~

Heather of Pretty Petals used the paint formula
for her bedroom paint color too!
I'm not quite sure where I'm going to use these shades
but I've really got a hankering!!!!

And oh my gosh sweet friends....
Jennifer of Adventures in Mixed Media purchased
a piece of my artwork a few months ago
and had her hubby build a frame and shadow box for it.....
Oh sweet Jen, do you think I could have it back now?! :)
Just kidding sweetie!!!!!
Thank you so much for sharing it with me ~

I have something wonderful to share with you....
and hope to very, very soon ~

Have an amazing week and wonderful Monday precious friends,
hugs and love,

Friday, August 27, 2010

Un. be. LIEVABLE!!!

OK precious friends.
Please indulge me....
I recently won the most WONDERFUL giveaway EVER!!!!
Sweet Carol of Raised in Cotton 
was celebrating her five year anniversary of blogging
and was giving away a MASSIVE pile of goods ~
Well....I WON!!!!
I'll let the photos speak for themselves ~

Here are a few glimpses inside the book Jul ~

Dear sweet Dorthe and Julia, I can't read a word....do you wanna come over
and do a little translating for me?? xxoo

I'm such a nut....I even love the brown kraft wrap that Carol used
in her package...see the tiny stripes?

Look at these GORGEOUS curtains!!!!
These are going in the guest room....

See the beautiful texture?

I don't know what these say but WHO CARES!!!! They're beautiful....

One of the photos Carol included with her gift wrap....
look at the woman on the far right ~

See on the back, "I don't know where Magg got the black eye!"

Thank you SO, SO MUCH Carol for each and every wonderful gift ~

Have an amazing Friday dear friends,
hugs and love,

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The current state of affairs.....

Can you say, "big ol' mess"??
Yes, that's what the studio looks like right about now.
No wonder WWC never showed up here.....
I need to put away, clean and organize ~
But here I am, still blobbing around, visiting blogs and avoiding it :)
I've got all of the photos and patterns ready
for the teeny tiny shoe tutorial too....
I just need to compile them all ~

Remember this from my recent junk haul?
It was hard to see in the photos I posted but it's simply tissue paper ~
I don't know why I bought it, as is many things I buy,
but the aged look, the torn edges
just cried out to me.
I think I only paid 2 bucks for the entire thing....

I have the BEST of intentions though ~
look, I bought waxed paper and tissues to try the tutorial I posted recently.

I took these butterflies out of their mod silver frame ~
I plan on painting the frame black and putting it all back together.

OH, and speaking of books (previous post),
here's another of my recent finds ~
I've wanted it for quite awhile and found it
on Amazon for a reasonable price!
I love all of the Victoria books and this one is another beauty
to add to my collection.

A few ideas are brewing ~ here are the components....

I'm such a goob for all things old and torn,
Michael's had these boxes that
look like tattered old books ~
well with a 40% off coupon it was a steal!
What will I do with it?
Who cares! It's wonderful.....

So here it is.
My current state of affairs which I guess we could label
"in limbo"
But it sure does look wonderful :)

Have a great Thursday dear friends,
hugs and love,


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