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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Inspiration for the new year ~

I love magazines. I have since I was a young teenager. They can fill you will inspiration and a multitude of ideas. If you've read my blog, I'm sure you've noticed that I'm all over the place with my interests, from decorating to antiques to art. But there is one common thread ~ I love all things that are beautiful, that speak to my heart and that make me smile.

Usually the first of the year, magazines are quite slim and not very interesting but I've recently purchased this small lot and let me tell you, they are filled with a treasure trove of ideas.

With articles from Elizabeth of Elizabeth House and Tara Frey's romantic style in Romantic Homes, to Corey's house featured in Victoria, to Fifi's amazing ideas in Romantic Country, I need to look through my Country Living again but I always love it, and last but not least at all, this Somerset Studio has an article all about Sally Jean and her incredible work. It's filled with so much artistic inspiration too . . .

Magazines, they are my vice ~ but not such a bad one, right?

Here's the beautiful antique photo album that my husband gave me for Christmas. The flowers are embroidered but you can tell the threads are missing in some areas. It is just so pretty to me. It has some old photos inside, I especially love the blonde haired little boy . . . I'll be sure to share him with you ~


whimseycreations said...

Wasn't this Somerset wonderful??? I've bought from Sally Jean for years and love her creativity. There's an article in there also by Vanessa Valencia (with the newspaper dress girls) and she has a wonderful blog too! I have one of her jelly bean ladies (they are huge whimsical very heavy clay ladies heads with the mouth open and you fill it with candy) - really funny and wonderful.

Magazines - oh I wish I had time to really read them all thoroughly!


Anonymous said...

I love magazines too! I buy far too many of them, save them too long and sometimes forget which ones I've bought and buy them again! I'm anxiously awaiting my February issues of Romantic Homes and Country Living.

The Tattered Rose said...

What a lovely Christmas Gift from your husband. I would be over the moon if I had someone who knew me well enough to give me a vintage gift like that one.
Trish G.

Shelley said...

Hello Dawn, I love those magazines. I'm still waiting for my February issue of Country Living. Your antique photo album is just lovely. What a wonderful gift!

If you like, go over to my blog and see what I am offering to help Mary of "Isabella's Closet" in her time of need.
And please help to spread the word.


Heidi ( said...

I love magazines, too! Smooth pages. Inspiring ideas. The trick is to know when to tear a page out to save, when to not tear a page, instead saving the whole magazine! I bought the Somerset Life but, thanks to you, I need to go back and pick up the Somerset Studio! I'd love to read about Sally Jean!

SweetAnnee said...

I love the photo album your husband gave you..He has wonderful taste!!
lucky yu

countrychintz said...

oops Dawn , had to comment again -- I am a confessed - maga -holic -- can't pass them up . can't get rid of them -- got a million of em -- -- well - have let a few go --but have the first published Country Living -- plus all somerset book make me crazed -- been collecting them for yrs . Now they have many , I buy the wedding ones -- such beautiful gift and favor -ideas -- and Sally Jean -- Do you have her book -
" Pretty Little Things " to die for --- the glass house --oH !! too too wonderful -- her necklaces make me laugh -- especially love the art ones . TOO cute ! Kathy

sepiaa art studio said...

It is truly pitty, that the romantic homes is sold only in Helsinki, which is almost 2 hours journay from here. Sometimes i asked my friend to send it for me, but there was still few mags which i could not get. So i decided order it from Finnish mag subscription shop, it cost about 70$!!! I am still very happy, that i will get it this way every month.
It is pitty also, that there is no chance we can buy Victorian Homes or Somerset Studio from Finland. I am sure i would love the Victorian Homes.

Utah Grammie said...

I sometime buy 2 of the same magazines as well! Not a bad idea though,one for the front room and one for the bedroom! Especially when they "offer" 2 different covers! I get all excited thinking I've found yet another magazine, only to find out I have the same one at home with a different cover.. Sneaky..
Yes, the photo album is a gift from his heart - because he knew you'd love it. I think those are the best gifts - not necessarily the newest and greatest gadgets, but because he knows what pleases you! Simply the best!

LivingTheLife said...

Wow! Dawn...your photo album is exquisite! What a very thoughtful man your hubbin' is...he did a great job picking that out for you...that album is the perfect gift. I agree, too...that the little blonde boy is a doll...I have pictures of my dad when he was a little boy...he was a cotton top, too!

Guess I need to run to the store now...and pick up a few of those magazines...thanks for sharing them with us, sadly, I think this is my first time to hear of Somerset...AND I don't EVEN live under a rock...where have I been???


Bethany said...

I've been on a bit of a break from the blogs lately but I'm so glad to be back to yours :)
Thanks for sharing that wonderful album...and I totally agree with every one of those mags you mentioned!!


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