Thursday, February 3, 2022

Welcoming the new year!

This ol' blog of mine has been a wonderful way to share
my journey through life.
Artistically as well as personally. And I still love it!

This year begins the fifteenth year of sharing my love
of making and trying new things.

I may not post as often as I did in the very beginning
but still love sharing!!

After Christmas I had a little bit of birthday money.
So I had a day out filled with shopping and exploring!
I discovered a neat book at Hobby Lobby that's
actually a watercolor workbook!

You simply paint the projects right inside the book!
It helps you get the feel of the watercolors and
how to manipulate them.

Here's the cover:
(PS. I saw it at Michael's and on Amazon too!)

Yes, it looks quite elementary but it really DID
give me the courage to start!

My first project was this pair of acorns.
I had some cruddy tube paints that I'd had for years
from Ross but they hadn't been opened so they were still good.
Well, as good as they could be for $2.99 for the set!
I really, really enjoyed it!!!

The projects are lightly printed on the left side and the right side
of the book describes how to go about painting it.

It wasn't long until I wanted nicer paints and I found a few sets
that had great reviews on Amazon.

I continued working on the projects but really wanted
to go rogue and sketch my own designs!!

The small postcard size paintings are my first few attempts.
I tend to lean towards the loose style of painting rather
than the perfection of details.
(This gives me a little relaxing room!)

This sweet cow is my first go at a large watercolor!
It's not perfect by any means but what fun!!!

I even attempted a cute little bookmark!

I've rejected my poor little studio for so long now.
Moving, stress, Covid, stress, moving again
then losing my precious mama,
it all has taken a heavy toll on my heart.

with starting something new and
with this brand new year,
I'm really excited!!!

I pray you and yours are doing so good, staying healthy and cozy too!
Happy New Year sweeties...just a little late!!!

Hugs and love,


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