Tuesday, January 31, 2017

In just the blink of an eye, January is gone!

And what a wonderful month it has been!
Our precious grandson Owen is growing like a little weed
so you know I have to share his sweet self with you.

Heather and Owen came down a week or so ago and spent the entire day
with my husband and I (Papa and Mimi)
plus we invited Emily, Clara and Murray over as well
so they could finally meet baby Owen.

It was a wonderful day!!!
Owen is so laid back and chill...I love it!
Clara held him, Murray held him and of course Papa, Emily and I
held him as well. It was such a sweet day!

Our second born David, Owen's daddy!!! I can't believe that grey in your beard honey...
He's a wonderful daddy!

Owen's precious mama Heather...we love you so much sweetie!

David and Heather had a wonderful party last weekend so each side of the family
could meet little Owen....every one had a turn at holding him.
Here's our son Chase and Owen.
Makes my heart melt!

My precious mama holding Owen. She's his GREAT grandma! So thankful for this ~
My dad held him too but I missed the photo!!! Ugh.

My husband Dennis' daddy Milton holding Owen. He was named after daddy Milton!
Owen Milton Edmonson.
Great Grandaddy Milton had tears in his eyes!

Even Noah had a turn and fed Owen his bottle!

Dennis' mama, Great Grandma Jackie enjoyed him so much!

Our son Brad even got to hold the little angel!!!

Finally at the end of his big party he woke up!!!

Can you tell we are all in love with our newest angel?

In other news...guess what?
I've started a Studio De-Stash Group on Facebook where I'm selling TONS
of my collection and hoard!!!

Are we friends on Facebook????
Just ask to join my Dawn's Studio De-stash group!!!
Here are a few lots that I've sold lately!!!!

And lastly...our guest room (formerly Noah's bedroom :( .....) is coming along nicely!
I just need to give it a bit more attention but have been concentrating on cleaning up
and de-stashing of my studio. I figure I may as well have my own estate sale!!! HAHAHA!

And so it goes.
Another month has vanished.
But it's been a beautiful month here...
I pray your month was too!

hugs and love,


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