Saturday, June 29, 2019

Oh my goodness! The lace angel visited me today!!!!!

Long time no post!

But, y'all....
This is truly post worthy!!!!

I met a sweet friend through Etsy that purchased
several of my tutorials.

One of which was the Candy Cup tutorial.
She was looking for lace similar to what I had used
in my photo in the tutorial.

I mentioned that it was wedding lace.
I told Madaline that maybe
if she went to JoAnn fabrics and
visited the wedding section and trims,
she could find something beautiful.

WELL....apparently this dear girl bought some for her....and some for me!!!!
Goodness gracious!!!
She told me she wanted to send me a few
snippets of lace so I could use them in my creations as well.
These are more than snippets!

I'm so, so, so very thankful sweet Madaline!
You truly are my lace angel ~
thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Now....what shall I make?

I'd better get myself busy creating, right???

I will enjoy this wonderful gorgeousness!!!

Thank you always for stopping by sweet friends,

hugs and love,


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