Sunday, September 3, 2017

Feeling so inspired lately!!! Welcome sweet September ~

I can't explain my crazy ideas but we have several HUGE magnolia trees
in our front yard and I've always thought that the seed pods were so beautiful.

So I go gather a few up and spray them with Kilz and proceed to paint them
with beautiful metallic colors, just wanting to maybe turn them into ornaments!
This was really just an experiment though...and some of the pods still burst open
doing what nature told them to do. I also saved some to dry to see if I could work
with them later on. It's all an experiment!

Next project table: I want to create a handmade nature journal/book.
I'm in the beginning stages but want to incorporate beautiful dried flowers,
insect wings, and of course ephemera and lace. We'll see...this is a work in progress!

I had these beautiful plaques/placemats hanging in my old studio 7 plus years ago.
They are illustrations from the book "The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady"
I FINALLY hung them in our old farmhouse this week.
That only took 7 years.

I've also been working on this wonderful lavender soap and
have had several orders too...
It smells heavenly!

Another project in the works?
A restoration of sorts.
For my dear brother-in-law.

Normally, I wouldn't touch this wonderful, aged Santa face!!!
I love old, crusty and vintage.

But my BIL hangs him in the middle of a huge wreath on their front door
during the Christmas season. And with the sun setting on the front of their home,
he's deteriorating fast.

So he's been caulked and primed and the undercoat painting has started!

This one just came to my mind this week.
Why not buy a few fall elements and add them into our
spring wreath on the front porch???
I can pull them out at the end of the year and I'm golden for Spring again!

I just crammed the elements into the wreath to give you an idea.
I'll be sure to share it finished!

My finished wreath!
I'll just pull out the fall elements again come spring ~

An old birdcage pendant light!!!

I've had this old birdcage top for years and years now.
SO I thought I'd order a pendant/plug/switch lamp kit to see 
if I could transform it into pendant light!

Oh we go!

With the encouragement of our son Brad, I totally took apart the new lamp socket thing
and had to feed it through the opening at the top of the bird cage.
Just remembering how it came apart and how to put it back together
correctly was truly the challenge.

The hole wasn't large enough...and since my drill died a while back
it was time to go primal and I used graduating drill bits and a vice grip
to twist and turn that opening to be larger!!!!
And believe it or not, it WORKED!

And now?

I think the changing of the seasons has me working like a crazy girl!
Our weather has been a bit milder here in Georgia and it gives me energy!

Sorry for the long post but it's been awhile ~
Thank you always for stopping by to see me!!!

hugs and love,


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