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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Run, don't walk . . .

To your closest newstand, grocery store or where ever you buy your magazines and get this wonderful recipe book. I've spoke about them before, given a few recipes too. But they are on the newstands now and will disappear quickly.

Yes, they are 9.99, but it's OK. They are keepers and you will refer back to them tons! Simple, easy, healthy recipes and above all DELICIOUS!!

I love Weight Watchers new ad campaign too.

No more diets! It's just healthy eating!

xxoo, Dawn


madrekarin said...

Dawn- You are an endless bundle of energy lately! I can hardly keep up with all of the neat things you are doing. Of course, I can hardly keep up with anything lately. ha ha
I will have to get this book. I love WW cookbooks. Yummy, simple food that's good for you. I will see if my dear, sweet, kind, generous husband will get one for me at Kroger.
Oh, yeah. He doesn't read blogs. He'll never see this shameless attempt at being obsequious. ;)

Shop girl said...

Dawn, I am a newbee to your blog and I just love it....I wish they shared the points in the mag. I am trying to get a few pounds off, more than a few really.
I will get the book,
Mary, Idaho

Anonymous said...
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