Monday, September 30, 2013

Something new!

I've had something on my mind for awhile that I've wanted make and
finally took the time to make a prototype.

This is a small, hanging flower bag that is completely
lined with a heavy plastic bag so it can hold water inside!!
I've sewn the bag into the top only so it can hold water
to keep your cuttings fresh ~
What do you think???

My cuttings look a little summer-ish but these were the
only two hydrangea blooms on my tiny bush and I trimmed
a few greenery stems from shrubs in our flower bed.

I hope to make a few that are burlap or canvas soon ~
I think they would be beautiful hanging on doorknobs
or cabinet knobs with evergreens and berries for the holidays!!!
Plus, with the cuttings being water,
they will stay fresh and pretty so much longer!

It measures about 5" wide x 7 1/2" tall with about a 7" drop
from the top of the handle to the top of the bag.

I've listed this one in my Etsy shop....
If they do well, I'll of course have to make more!!

Well, here I'd gone and thought I'd made something new
but I guess there's just nothing new under the sun!!
Check this out:
Flora Doora

Oh well...I'll still make several my own version of these little things :)

And you know if I find a good magazine, I just have to share, right???
The new BH&G Christmas Ideas is a KEEPER!
I've taken a few photos to give you an idea too :)

Beautiful, right???

I hope to have a few more flower bags made soon and
of course listed in my Etsy shop too!!!

Wishing you a wonderful Monday sweet friends ~
hugs and love,

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Squeaking out just a teeny bit!!

I have been able to create just a few more of
my lavender sachets...and these feature the beautiful,
old watch faces too! I've just listed them in my store
if you want to take a look ~

It seems soap making has taken me over but you know
I still have to create with my treasures....

I hope you have a beautiful Thursday dear friends!!!!
Wishing you all the best,

hugs and love,

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

As busy as a little bee ~

I promise, I really have been!!!
Ellie will even tell you...she watches all the I do around here :)
I think she's actually smiling in the photo below just because
her daddy brought her home a new toy and this girl LOVES
her toys! Her tail is wagging as you see it's a big ol' blur!!!

We've had a TON of soap orders as of late (we are so thankful!!!)
and I've been helping to clean and finish the little beauties.
I am such a FREAK when it come to quality control and want
all the soap to be just beautiful when it leaves our home.

Here are just a few photos of what we've mailed out lately
from our General Store Soap Co. shop  ~

And so it goes.
It seems I am a soap maker...
But hope to get back to my own groove of creating soon :)

Happy Wednesday precious friends,
hugs and love,

Monday, September 23, 2013

On sharing creativity ~

One of the most wonderful things
about sharing your creativity,
as I do with my tutorials,
is that from time to time you get to see what others
have created using your instructions!

I had a sweet customer, Jeanne Marie, purchase
and it wasn't but a few hours later that she emailed me
these wonderful photographs of her little ornaments!!!

I just love the different fabrics she used, different colors,
different stuffings ~ each one is so precious...

We had a couple of sweet visitors this past Sunday...
I just can't believe Murray is already one year old and
Clara is going on FIVE!
We had the best time with them...

Wishing you a wonderful FALL Monday sweet friends!
hugs and love,

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Using the good stuff...

I truly am trying my hardest to delve into my hoard
and actually USE
some of the wonderful, good things that
I've collected over the years!

A prime example.
This simple lavender sachet.
Featuring my most favorite toile fabric EVER....
beautiful, expensive net lace...
and accented by a wonderful, old pocketwatch face!
I've used a sweet, old pearl to fasten it to the sachet
and a vintage button on the back (not seen) to
help secure it into place.

Using the good stuff is always, always the best.
I can't take it with me, right???

I've added it to my Etsy shop too!

Wishing you a most beautiful weekend dear friends ~
hugs and love,

Thursday, September 19, 2013

A few more ~

I took the time to make a few more sachets!
Are you sick of seeing these every time you pop over here?
I hope not, I really do enjoy making them.

I made one out of some of the pretty damask fabric
that I only have a couple more small pieces of...
and one is in the shape of a gift!!

They've all been listed in my Etsy store if you'd like to take a look ~

I found the most wonderful bottles at Hob Lob the other day!
I bought a few to alter...
Aren't they beautiful with their glass stoppers?

No, not hump day but
our precious grandson Murray's very FIRST Birthday!!!
He's growing like a little weed...
We love you so much sweet boy!

Happy Thursday dear friends!!!!
hugs and love,

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Simple pleasures ~

I don't care how many blogs you visited...
or how many pins you have seen and pinned...
there's just nothing like having a beautiful
book in your hands and it crackling as you open
the cover for the very first time!

I love sharing books that I love with you here and
have found a wonderful one!

You may remember Claudia Strasser from her first book
Well...she has a new book out and I LOVE IT!

The new book is
Paris Flea Market Style
and I just have to share a little sneak peek with you.

I'm about 99.9% sure that I will never make it to Paris
so simply enjoying this beautiful book and
the gorgeous French treasures
gives me such pleasure!

See what I mean??
And this is just a fraction of the gorgeousness...
Have I read one word of it?
No, not yet.
I was too mesmerized by the photographs!

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday sweet friends,
hugs and love,


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