Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Needing a shove.

Seems a lot is going on around the farmhouse lately....
I'm very distracted and not at all productive.
Yes, I cook, wash, etc. but
the studio gets neglected.
Right now it's a jumbled up mess ~
I've got to straighten it up so I can get back in there
to make something new!!!

I'm hoping to get myself going.....soon.
How about you?
Are your creative juices flowing???

Happy Wednesday precious friends,
hugs and love,

Monday, August 29, 2011

A snapshot of our farmhouse life ~

My sweet daughter-in-law Emily
took some wonderful pics around the farmhouse this past weekend....
I have to share a few with you ~
Here's Big Red...I love her ~ she was our first egg layer
and is SO the leader of the pack!

A shot of the front porch ferns through the shrubs....

The pecan trees on the side of our home...
They are so heavy with pecans right now too!

This photo of our angel Clara was taken by her mama....
she'd been rolling around in the pine straw!
This child loves, LOVES being outside.

This is one of Clara's chickens....she loves them so :)

This sweet pair of cherubs came from my former antique shop ~

Clara striking a pose in our back yard...

Such a wonderful pic below that Emily took:

Clara taking a peek inside the chicken coop!

Our happy girl!!!!!

Emily took this gorgeous shot of our barn.....

Wishing you a great Tuesday precious friends!!!
hugs and love,

A few of my favorite things...

It was such a busy weekend around here!
We went to my sweet mother-in-law's birthday party
and enjoyed being with the entire family ~

I dug around in my old photos to find a few that I
thought you'd enjoy today...
just a little Monday inspiration, more peeks at what I love
and to share how even the most humble of trinkets
can sometimes really be a treasure!

When we returned home after the birthday party Saturday night,
you will not BELIEVE what we came home to...
The empty field across the street from our farm house and the woods on it
had burned to a crisp!!!!

Folks told us that sparks from a passing train ignited the fire and
it being so dry here, it was just a short time and the field was toast.
I'm so very thankful that this happened across the road
and not on our side!!!!
Too, too scary...
Thank you Lord for Your protection....

Wishing you a beautiful Monday sweet friends,
hugs and love,

Friday, August 26, 2011

A new look for a sweet old girl ~

Our house has been in the process of being painted!!!
I can't tell you how much better she looks...
and since the wonderful front porch was just finished,
I had to share!
I still have to get everything back up here but don't you just LOVE IT????
The house has been painted white and the trim is a steel blue grey ~

After my harrowing visit to the nasty dentist Wednesday,
(OH and one little benefit from my traumatic visit would be a swollen upper lip ~
I've always wanted bigger lips!!!)
I had to reward myself by stopping at a few thrift stores on the way home!
These little goodies were my finds.
A set of canvas curtains that I'll use as fabric, yay!!!!
A stack of wonderful old sheet music for only four bucks,
and this precious Christopher Robin Story Book....
I'm such a sucker for old books!!! I'm in love with their old illustrations ~

I'm gonna wash this stuff and shrink it up ~ then it'll be ready for a new project!

Some of the sheet music is quite old ~

Here are a few more finds that I've acquired lately.
The coin purse is so very tiny....I found it on Ebay!
The laces are from a local antique mall.
I don't know why I buy what I buy ~
all I know is that I love it!!!!

A few items I scanned in just for you:

Thank you all so much for your sweet comments about my dental issues ~
I'm hate that I posted about it because I love staying positive here....
but then know you are thinking of me, SO LIFTS ME UP!!!

Have a beautiful Friday precious friends,
hugs and love,


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