Saturday, November 17, 2018

Our new little corner of the world!

It has been a crazy couple of months.
I mean it.
Moving is never an easy task but when you are an artist
and a lover of all things beautiful...well...
chances are you have WAAAAY too much stuff!

Anyway, who cares.
I love my stuff and believe me,
I've let go of a ton of it.
Donated, sold and discarded so, so very much.
That's good, right?

We are finally settled into our new home and
I'm finally getting to the fun part!!!
Decorating and making it feel like "HOME".

Here is my view as I sat at the computer a few mornings ago ~

These photos are not that wonderful but here is our new living room!!!

We are fluffing and getting ready for Thanksgiving next week!
There is still so much to be unpacked and the studio has been put on hold
until after Thanksgiving but it really is coming along beautifully!!!

One last photo.
Our youngest granddaughter Tilly is now 9 months old and
is such a sweetie pie!!!

I hope you are doing well and getting ready for a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Whether it is big or small, it doesn't matter.
Just to be thankful for your life and all that you are blessed with
is truly what Thanksgiving is all about!

Thank you always for stopping by to visit me ~
Hugs and love,

Monday, November 5, 2018

I'm so loving this new chapter sweet friends!!!

This is the last artwork I created for a dear friend the end of this past September.
She was so pleased with it.
Thank you precious Mary for supporting my creativity dear friend.
I was closing up shop and preparing for a huge move to our new home.
And believe me.

What has happened between then and now?
Caring for my precious grandbabies....
Look at baby Tilly, now 9 months old!!

Clara is 9 going on 10....Murray is now 6!!!
They love their baby sister so much!

Our middle son Brad sold our 2nd son David and his wife Heather their new home!!!
PLUS...they are expecting a new baby in May!!!!
Owen is going to be a big brother!!!
We are so loving that our family is growing.
And their new home is closer to us and is just beautiful!

My precious mother-in-law...Grandma Jackie had her 80th birthday party and
we all celebrated with her!!! Baby Tilly loves her as we all do!

Little Miss Ellie is so loving our new digs...

The gorgeous arrangement that sweet Tammy made for our holiday table this year...

These sweetie pies came to Trick or Treat in out new neighborhood too!!!
They had such a blast!

Our beautiful new front yard:

Don't you just love the blue fall skies?

The new studio in the making ~

Always remember ~
Life is like a chapter book!

Stay tuned for my next post...the new studio is going to be GORGEOUS!!!

Thank you always for checking in on me sweet friends!
hugs and love,


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