Thursday, August 11, 2016

These truly are the good ol' days!

Seems the older I get the more I realize
that the here and now,
the gatherings with loved ones and
the moments we all share together,
truly are times that should be treasured!
We need to cherish each and every moment
with our family and friends.

I found this gorgeous old painting the other day
and knew you would love it!
Artist: Sir John Everett Milais

It's been a while since I've received a gift in the mail but
last week, a box was delivered to my door and I was totally surprised!

Months ago a blog friend/reader emailed me wanting my address
that she was de-stashing and cleaning out everything and would
I like a few of her old laces and things. Why, OF COURSE!!!

I had forgotten all about this and when I opened the package,
I could not believe the beautiful gifts tucked inside!!!

The gorgeous embroidered net lace at the top center of the photo below
was her pram cover when she was a baby!!!

She told me she had no one to leave these things to and
knew I would appreciate it all.

Dear sweet Gina, I love it ALL!!! I've displayed the pram cover
in my studio, hung up the baby dress and I can enjoy them
each and every day! Thank you for your precious gifts, I'm so very honored!

And speaking of precious times with friends and family,
last weekend we had the most fun
at my son David and Heather's gender reveal party!!!
They are expecting a little boy!!!
His precious name is going to be Owen,
I cried the minute they told us that.
Another dear grandson!!!
She's due January 7th and it seems like the time is whizzing by!

Thank you always for stopping by to see what I'm up to!!!

Hugs and love,


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