Friday, February 1, 2008

Tagged ~

The expression above on this little girl's face is what we refer to in our family as "the flat eye". That is a face we make when we think "oh great." or "please. give me a break."

Well, OK. I've been tagged by Karin of Meandering Thoughts of Mindless Travels to list seven things about me. Weird or not, I'll try to think of seven:

1) I'm so sorry, if you've tagged me or awarded me in the past and I never got around to doing a list of random things it's because, are you ready? I don't like games. OK, I said it. I love you all, I love your blogs but I just don't care for games and never have. My husband always tries to get me to play games but I've never cared for them even as a child. I always say, "Y'all play, I'll sit here and read a magazine, listen and cheer you on!"

2) And this is quite unfair, but I love reading random tidbits about each of you though!

3) I'm an incredible night owl. I love the quiet, peaceful, late night hours. I especially love to create then as well. If I know that I can sleep in, I will even start a project late at night.

4) See, I'm already stuck on four! Let's see....I had a bunch of rabbits when I was eleven years old. I bred them for a little while and loved it. They are beautiful little animals.

5) I married the boy across the street.

6) I started college, only went for just a very short time, and wanted an art degree.

7) I love to draw but never seem to do it. I'll post some of my drawings one day.

Whew. I squeaked those out! There you go, Karin ~ you got it out of me! I guess that wasn't that bad....

I tag no one, I love you all but refer to #1.....

Wishing you all a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

You're funny Dawn and a good sport. I'm with you in not enjoying the online games and chain type pass it ons. It does seem popular just now tho.
Happy Friday ~*~ Patty at Magpie's Nest
P.S. Got such a giggle out of "the flat eye" = too funny!

Anonymous said...

Dawn , i like you, do not like games -- uh but like scrabble tiles and bingo cards for crafting -- so i think that gets us past it -- Right ! Is this little girl card for sale -- would love to have it if so -- for artwork -- Have to check in everyday -- haven't been to the store since Christmas -- having withdrawal symptoms-lol Kathy _GA

Ginny said...

I've been reading your blog for a while now, but have never commented. I'm with you on #'s 1 and 3. There are a few games I like: Monopoly, Uno and Uno Attack, Rack-o. Now that our girls attend a church "game night" twice a month, they don't ask to play with us too often anymore. Phew! And as for being a night owl, well, when the rest of the household is asleep is the only time I can be by myself and be quiet. I get a lot done during those wee hours!

madrekarin said...

You are such a sport! I have been tagged three times and I am running out of things to reveal about myself. (Well, that I would want to reveal.) I just had to share the joy. :)

Shop girl said...

Dawn, I am a #3 also. I seem to come alive when the sun goes down. I love that it gets dark early in winter. I have always be this way. I find it very relaxing in the sound of silence. Love the picture it you?
Have a wonderful weekend,

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

i love it that you married the boy across the street. xoxo nita

SweetAnnee said...

I love reading about others too.
EVERYONE has a story
and is unique..
thanks for doing this one! so
we could see how wonderfully unique
you are!!

a fellow night owl.

Pam said...

Dawn, I always love seeing your creations. An extra little treat to learn seven random things about you! I got my own blog up and going this week. Come visit anytime.

windycorner said...

Hi Dawn,
I was thinking of you because Monday I'm starting a crafting class for some high school girls and I want to show them your creations for inspiration. I hit a couple of thrift stores yesterday and got some promising raw materials. Hopefully, we'll have some fun and dream up some art.

LW said...

A very sweet and honest list of 7things, thank you for playing it was a nice read....


Anonymous said...

Great blog! Can't wait to read more. Your collage work is lovely!

Tina Leavy said...

inviting you to join in the latest give away drawing over on my blog. I hope you'll come join in.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the games and I, also, love to be awake late at night when the rest of my family is snug in bed sleeping. No interruptions, either.


Eva Agnes said...

First of all I would like to thank you for the heart warming comment on my blog.
Then I would like to say that your blog also is fantasticly beautiful. I am very often in here looking at what you are showing.
Third I am looking forward to seeing your drawings.
Love and hugs
Eva Agnes

Tara said...

I love that you married the boy across the street--who can really say that?

Kim Newberg Imagesbykim said...

Ohh I am so with you on the tag thing, gosh I don't dig those!

I'm a night owl too!

Nice to meet you Dawn, I'll see you on the Shabby Design Team

kim aka imagesbykim

vikki said...

i do not like games, either. and love being up late. i love your blog. been going thru some of my treasures to see what goodies i can come up with. thanx for sharing such sweet thoughts and your projects. blessings, vikki =)

Lori said...

thank you DAWN for #1!!! i don't like playing games either...except with my kiddos...i am already *sigh* delinquent on 4 tags...

Amy said...

Oh! I love that you married the boy across the street. THE BOY!!!!


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