Thursday, March 28, 2019

A few new studio photos to share!

I am SO happy that the new studio is almost finished!
You all knew how much I had and it truly has been a challenge
fitting it all into our new space but it's working!

OH and in other news....
I've decided to go silver!!!!
It's kind of hard because I've used cheap box color on my dark hair for so long.
But my sweet niece Adrian worked for hours to get me to this point!
It's a work in progress but I'm ready.
I'm almost 58 years old and tired of coloring the stuff!!!

Just our kitty sweet Luna loving the trash basket!

I still haven't gotten back to creating because I've been working on a huge yard sale!
My son and I have been going through all that I have and he's purging from his home as well.
As soon as it's over I pray that I will finally feel comfortable enough to create again.
So in the mean time I've taken a few close up photos of the new studio!!!

It's okay to have a few mascots, right?
Our precious otter and my antique Tutti doll.

Always surround yourself with all that you love!!!
It will inspire your creative soul and be such a precious space of refuge.

Thank you always for stopping by to see what I'm up to.
I'm praying that very soon I will have new offerings that I've made too!!

Hugs and love,


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