Friday, June 26, 2015

A little something new ~

Today has been such a good day.
I've met so many precious friends in my blogging journey and
today I was able to speak to a dear friend who lives in France
and it. was. WONDERFUL!

Her life has been very busy and we haven't spoken in such a long time.
Sue has been on my mind lately and she can call my phone for free and
then just a few days ago she called to catch up!!!

I couldn't talk at that time but she called back today and we caught up
with each other's lives and all that is going on.

It's just beautiful what this blog has given me.
Friends near and far...some close by some on the other side of the world!
But we all have common threads and love the same things.
THAT is what bonds us together.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

I gathered some lace together today and decided to make a bunting!!
It is simply cut from a pattern that I found online and I cut the lace,
raw edges and all, to use on my bunting.

I folded over the top edge onto a long length of seam binding and sewed it down.
You could easily use fabric glue to do this though!
I tied a few seam binding bows on each end and accented the corners of each one
with pretty vintage buttons (just glued on with Fabri-tac!)

It sold quickly from my shop but I still wanted to share it with you here ~
I know many of you have the supplies around to make your own!!

I just love using old, forgotten lace pieces to make something pretty!!!!

Thank you always for stopping by to see me here ~
hugs and love,

Monday, June 22, 2015

A trip to paradise!

Well, it's officially summer now and
we just returned from the most WONDERFUL vacation!

It had been over six years since we last went on a vacation and
when my husband's sister invited us to go to Florida with them,
we jumped at the chance!!! It ended up being my husband's parents,
his sister, his brother and their spouses plus the two of us.

We all have so much fun together and truly enjoy each other's company.
I took a few photos to share with you ~

The name of the resort is Sanctuary by The Sea.
We stayed in a three bedroom luxury condominium
with a giant balcony overlooking the gulf.
The location is Santa Rosa Beach, Florida....

The entrance ~

A peek at the pools from our balcony ~

Another giant pool with a waterfall and hot tub ~

Our view out onto the balcony ~ The resort is surrounded by a nature habitat
and you can watch birds and animals while relaxing outside!

The beautiful living room ~

And here are a few photos of the beach!!!

Sunset through the trees ~

We had the most wonderful, relaxing time ~
I wanted to share a glimpse of this beautiful place.

Now to get back to creating!!!
I hope you are doing so very good and
thank you always, always for stopping by to visit me here!

hugs and love,

Monday, June 8, 2015

A simple but beautiful idea!

I don't know where I saw this idea...maybe Pinterest??
But I decided to try it.
There weren't many details, just a photo but here is my version!

You find a glass cylinder container.
Print a beautiful image onto vellum and cut it to size...
Next, find a smaller glass cylinder container and place
a tea light or small votive candle inside and light it.

It turned out SO BEAUTIFUL!!!
Just please make sure the inner glass container is
MUCH taller than your candle and it's flame.

ALSO...just look at this precious mail love I received this week!
Teresa of Maggie Grace Creates knows how much I adore lace and
has been cleaning out her she sent me THIS massive pile of it!!!

Thank you SO very much sweet Teresa ~ I will try to make you proud
and make beautiful things with your generous gift!!

Plus, I wanted to share a photo of a Christmas gift of mine.
I may have shared it before but it is a mini photo studio that
my sons Brent and Chase gave me. The lighting is SO perfect
and it provides the perfect backdrop for my projects!

The name of it is My Studio and they found it on Amazon!
They know their mama well, right?

One more little thing,
here is a beautiful postcard I received in the mail this week from FRANCE!
My dear friend Cindy of Lilly's Lace sent it to me while she was on vacation.
What a thoughtful thing to do!! I will treasure it always ~

And finally, I'm working on something new....
a kind of variation of my treasure organizers!

I'm making SINGLE treasure pockets...
filled with some of the treasures from my studio!!
What do you think?
They will be able to hang and will be filled with goodies and treasures!

Stay tuned...

Happy Monday precious friends!!!
hugs and love,


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