Sunday, May 28, 2017

Just a few of my very favorite things ~

My sweet friend Lisa and I send each another birthday gifts every year.
Most times they are late but you don't care...
because a gift is a gift!!!
Especially from someone that "gets" you!

My birthday is the day after Christmas (yeah, it ain't cool)
and I received a box FULL of treasures from Lisa last week.!!!!
It's all SO AMAZING!
I took a few photos to share the goodness with you.
I may have to explain a few things...
because I'm a weirdo and she knows what I love!

From left to right: Lisa went to an estate sale of a lady that loved sewing baby dresses.
So she bought homemade patterns and even some items that were in progress of being
created! Old lavender colored seam binding, a handmade tag from Lisa....
marbled book cover interiors.

Look at these gorgeous calendar pages!!!! I'm going to HAVE to frame them!
In the my very favorite gift.
It's a small deer!!!
I love nature and he is so beautiful to me!

Fragments of amazing lace, fabrics, sweet books and patterns from the sewing lady.

Then there's this gorgeousness.
A beautiful altered box that Lisa made.
It's filled with even MORE lace fragments and treasures!

He really is so beautiful ~ maybe not to everyone but he is to me.

I found the perfect wooden box at TJ Maxx to house him too.
I'm going to create an assemblage with Taco as the star (of course I named him!)
Just wait, it will be wonderful! I'll be sure to share with you too!

In other news....our front porch is looking pretty good this spring!!!
I had to share a little photo ~

Clara and Murray are growing like little weeds!!!! Clara's 8 now and Murray will be 5 in September!

Baby Owen is now FIVE months old and such a happy angel!!!!

I finally bought new glasses and still am trying to adjust to the progressive lenses.
Good grief. What a labor that is!
I'm still using my readers to look at the computer screen after spending 275.00 on the glasses.

And lastly...a precious Mother's Day gift from Heather and David.
A sweet canvas filled with photos of all of my babies and grandbabies!!!!!
It's so beautiful to me.

I hope you all are doing so good. Please forgive my absence.
Life takes over sometimes and you just have to live it!

Hugs and love to you all,


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