Monday, February 11, 2019

Today marks TWELVE YEARS for this little blog!

Can you even believe it??
February 11, 2007 I posted my very first post here.
I know I don't post as often anymore,
seems folks love Facebook and Instagram right now.

Blogging has become outdated but
I've met the most precious friends here!!!

Thank you always for visiting me and following
my life, my journey and my art.
And so, to celebrate I'll will actually POST today!!!!

I'm in love with all the precious birds in our new neighborhood!
It's an older neighborhood so the trees are huge and so we have
tons of different birds and other visitors too!
Even chubby squirrels ~ I'm sorry, I just love them!
I had hamsters when I was young and they remind me of them!

I started off with this lame bowl full of birdseed on the back deck
but after a heavy rain it instantly became soup!!!

I can see this sweet feeder from my computer so you know I love it but
something had to change.

I found this covered feeder at Wallyworld for only about 20 bucks.
Now, that's much better!!!

After days and days of rain in Georgia, it was so great to see the blue sky again!

We finally emptied our storage unit and put our leather furniture in the living room.
I'm so loving it all and very thankful for our boys who made it happen!

And guess what???
The studio is FINALLY taking shape and is looking wonderful!
Here's a sneak peak and I promise I will share more photos later.

The new studio is already inspiring me!!!
When you see all of your beautiful supplies, you are
reminded of the cool ideas that you had while buying them!

I can't wait to get back to creating but I have a bit more to unpack.
Says every hoarding artist!!!
But what I say is you can't create without supplies...
the more you have, the more you have to draw from.

Wishing you a sweet Valentine's Day dear friends!!!
You know I love you all ~



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