Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Venturing out with my sweet Dad ~

Our goal with our new home is to make it beautiful!
Dad wants to do it for my precious mama and also for my husband and I.
It makes us happy knowing she's looking down from Heaven smiling!

We have a very ugly concrete retaining wall behind our pool
(which is still non-operational) that needs to be covered.
We were looking for something evergreen and beautiful.

We ended up buying a couple of pots of Star Jasmine and
will attach plastic fencing to the wall for it to grow on.

We will of course need more plants but it's a start!!!
The concrete wall is the last photo...
We visited The Plant Emporium in Griffin, GA and
Collier's Greenhouse in Jackson GA.

We will see how this plant works to do the job we want!

The ugly concrete block wall:

I'm so sorry for all of the photos but it was so beautiful
BOTH nurseries were!

I enjoyed a wonderful day with my daddy
and we stopped to have dinner together
before heading home.

Treasure your moments together, always.

Hugs and love,

Saturday, June 26, 2021

My Sweet Mama's Memory Garden ~

This past Mother's Day, my dad took mama shopping.
She wanted a limelight hydrangea.
They had one in the mountains where they moved from
and wanted one for our new home.
Well, when she saw the price she said NO...they are too expensive!

Mama passed away on May 17th and so many friends and family
wanted to give gifts or flowers.
I happened to mention this story on Facebook and guess what?
We received FOUR!

They brought a few baby Japanese maples down from Hiawassee
in pots and dad had been watering them since February.

He chose one of those to plant in the very center.
We will continue to add to her garden but I think
it's a beautiful start!

I know in my heart that she just loves it.

These two had 61 years of love and memories together.
They truly were such a blessing to each other!

Hugs and love always,

Friday, June 25, 2021

My precious mother ~


It has been two months since my last post.
Seems as though we have had one trouble after the next!
But all the septic issues were solved.
We purchased a brand new air conditioner so now we are cool.

My precious mama asked my husband and I after all of this,
do you love it here in our new home?
We both agreed that we LOVE our new house and are so very happy!

It was a short two weeks later that my mom had to go to the emergency room
for shortness of breath and terrible swelling of her legs and ankles.
That was a Friday afternoon and by Monday afternoon mama had passed away.

Little did we know that her oxygen levels were off. The swelling was a sign.
They took off the fluid but it didn't work. Her organs were failing.

The beautiful thing about my precious mama was this was all her plan.
And the Lord's plan as well.
She approached Dennis and I and said, Let's buy a house together!
We loved the idea and went for it!
She was worried about my dad and
knew in her heart that she was declining.

That was my mama.
She knew what she wanted and well, it got done!
She adored her family and her husband so very much.
We are all still trying to live our lives without her
but she's always on our mind.

I'm so very thankful and honored to take care of my daddy...
And that we had a few short months of living in our new home together.
We have good days and bad days,
she is always on our mind.
When you love much, you grieve much.
I still can't even believe it.

I love you precious mama and will see you again in Heaven.

hugs and love,


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