Sunday, April 25, 2021

A new chapter for us!

We have finally moved into our new home!!
Yes, that was almost two months ago but at this age, I'm slow.
Moving is ROUGH STUFF!!!
It is one hour south of where we used to live but we all just LOVE IT!

I've been wanting to post but have gotten distracted.
There's been SO much to do.
With a bad back, legs and knees now I'm having to take my time.
It's okay though, it will all eventually get done!

I moved a few peony plants with us and one decided to bud out
while it was still in it's moving pot.
I salvaged one bloom...WOO HOO!
It was absolutely gorgeous and drying now.

I discovered this neat succulent on FB Marketplace!
It's call String of Pearls.
The seller sent me cuttings so I'm hoping they root!

My parents have a large living room on the front of the house
and our living space is a den on the back.
It features a fireplace and had a huge but ugly mirror over it.

Our son removed it and it was a piece of drywall that was stained.
Anyway, I had the idea to cut a piece of luan to cover the space.
I had saved a roll of wallpaper from Goodwill that looks like grasscloth
in a pretty shade of sage green.

I covered the wood and am SO please with how it turned out!
It's held up by three pieces of trim mold.
If I ever get crazy to change it, it will be super easy to wallpaper
over it again!!!

And here's the "after"!!!
I will dress the mantle soon and of course share with you!

Also, we added a precious member to our family this month!
A little female Chi-weenie named Mini!
She's only one year old and so very sweet.
If our dear Ellie had a baby sister
it would surely be Mini!

Our son Brent and his wife Emily came with the kids
a week or so ago and helped place furniture in my new studio!
I hope to start unpacking in the next week or so!!!
Of course I'll share photos too....

I hope all is good in your little corner of the world!!

Hugs and love,


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