Sunday, December 29, 2013

Our sweet baby ~

December is a month of birthdays for us
in the Edmonson household...

Our oldest son, Brent's is Dec. 20th,
mine is Dec. 26th....
and our baby Noah's...
the youngest of our five sons,
is Dec. 30th!!!

Having four babies already, our house was full but
we felt so very blessed when we found out
we were going to have another baby!

Yes, I was 34 years old,
and I had the other boys when I was mere
20, 22, 24 and 29 years old.
But just having this little extra gift from God
thrilled us so much!!!

Now, our baby Noah is 16 years old this Monday!!!
I can't even believe it ~
And just so you know,
he loves his family so very much...
he love his Lord...
he is respectful and kind...
and is such a precious soul.

Happy Birthday sweet Noah,
we love you so!!!!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas dear friends!!!!

I so wish that I could send each and every one of you
a special gift you would love....

That I could talk to each and every one of you
personally and
tell you how much you mean to me ~

And wish you the most wonderful Christmas ever.....

And that you would know
how very precious you are to so many ~
not just your family but
to all of your blog friends
around the world....

I treasure your friendship and your precious encouragement ~

And I pray that you are so very blessed as much as you bless me!

This is the time of year that we gather 'round those we love....

and thank the good Lord above for what He has done for us ~

He sent His precious Son to be born....
to live and die on the cross to pay for our sins....
so that we could live in Heaven with Him!!!

Merry Christmas dear friends!!!!
Please know you are so loved ~
hugs and love,

Friday, December 20, 2013

Our first Christmas gift ~

As a young married couple, expecting our first baby, we were so very excited!!
Our oldest son Brent was due Dec. 5th....1982.
Well, several weeks into December, I thought I would NEVER deliver our first child!!!
We went to a few different malls and
walked and walked to help start things but nothing happened.
Finally, Dec. 19th I went into labor and
we had our first baby just after midnight on Dec. 20th, 1982.

Brent was the first of many...yes, we have five sons,
all so very precious in their own way.
But the neat thing?
Brent has been a wonderful older brother to each and every one of the boys.
Nurturing and caring for them just as we do...
which in turn has helped in his role as a daddy to Clara and Murray as well!
He loves his precious wife Emily and always watches over us all....
Happy Birthday sweet Brent!!!!
We all love you so much ~

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

One last little thing...

I had such high hopes to make so many wonderful things
this Christmas season but it just didn't happen.
There were so many soap orders to keep up with
(which truly have been a blessing)
and the days seem to be flying by like lighting!
It's always like this when Thanksgiving is late in November though...

I did manage to finish my altered bottle!
I'll share a few photos with you. This bottle is an old one
and I created a stopper using a glass knob and a cork!
I used one of my favorite labels on the front,
a little vintage wedding lace...seam binding and of course
a beautiful vintage rhinestone bobble to finish it off!

It's been listed in my Etsy store if you'd like to take a look ~

I just SO, SO HAPPY about my sweet friend Tammy's recovery!!!
She's totally off the ventilator now, breathing on her own.
She does have a simple oxygen mask on and is slowly
but surely getting over being sedated for an entire week.
She's communicating with her family and this is such a wonderful thing!!
Thank you again for your precious prayers...
we totally give the Lord all of the glory!!!

Have a beautiful Wednesday sweet friends,
hugs and love,

Sunday, December 15, 2013

The most wonderful news!!!

My dear friend Tammy has had a wonderful day of healing today!!!
Please read the latest report from her sister Dawn:

PRAISE GOD! My sister has turned a corner, all her numbers are great
and all sedation has been cut off - we now wait for her to wake up,
the doctor says it can take a couple of days due to the amount
she was on and that it is in her blood stream and body cells
and has to work its way out gradually.
Once she wakes up and begins to talk she can come off the ventilator.
When she came into the hospital she had viral pneumonia
she now has bacterial pneumonia and that is what is spiking her fever.
The cultures have not come back that will tell us what the infection is
but the doc is administering 2 different antibiotics to cover it in the meantime.
Doc did a CT scan to make sure she does not have a blood clot in her lungs
but the results will not come back until tomorrow.
Thank you to each and every person that has prayed for my sister!
Now please pray she wakes up very soon and
all will be fine once she does and her recovery is quick!
Thank you God for your many blessings and For answering payers.
Love & Hugs to all!!!

Tuesday, December 17th

Tammy's sister just posted this wonderful update on Tammy!!!!

HALLELUJAH! Went at lunch to see my sister and the ventilator
is removed and she talked to me.
It is barely above a whisper but she knew who I was and talked to me.
She sipped water out of a straw and only has a oxygen mask on.
Asking for her husband and wants to go home.
She does not remember anything from weeks before,
only last night and today for now.
So excited to see her eyes open, still a little groggy,
in and out but alert and aware.
She will still be in there awhile and has a way to go
but praising GOD for his precious miracle!!!
I told her I had to go back to work and she started to cry
and asked me not to leave her...
broke my heart.
I told her I would be back in a couple of hours and told her I loved her
and she said love you too!
Such a blessing!!! Awesome!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for
your precious prayers for my dear friend ~
She is an amazing person and I know you all would just
love her so much!!!!
Please continue to keep her in your prayers ~

Thank you all sweet angels,
hugs and love,

My Christmas wish...

Dear sweet friends,
Sometimes things happen in your life that make you realize
what is truly important in this life.

It's not the stuff.
It's not where you go or what you see.
It's not anything material at all...

It's the precious people in your life.
The family that you've been blessed with,
the friends that you hold dear for so many years
and your treasured relationships with them.

My sweet friend Tammy Cottrell,
who I've known since we were seventeen,
is in ICU right now suffering from double pneumonia.
She is on a ventilator and feeding tube
due to the seriousness of her condition.
And to make matters worse, she now has an infection
that she has acquired since she's been in the hospital
that they are fighting with antibiotics as well.

So, my request from you is for your prayers....
Please pray for this precious girl, mama, wife, sister, friend and artist ~
for complete healing and restoration to good health.

I love you much sweet Tammy!!!!

Wishing you a blessed Sunday dear friends,
hugs and love always,

Friday, December 13, 2013

A few things to share ~

I wanted to share a few pretty Christmas images with you ~
I've probably posted them before
but you may need to create a few tags for your gifts
and these could come in handy...

Also I finished my treasure/keepsake box!
I thought it would be neat to show you the before photo of the box too :)
It was a basic wooden box that I found at Hob Lob and it was
really pretty to begin with but I had a vision of what I wanted it to be.

I painted the box with vintage white craft paint, added the beautiful label
(that I just can't seem to stop using on projects),
then I embellished it with fragments of lace and seam binding....
adding a pretty pearl bauble to the bow.

This was the inside before...
it was lined with some kind of strange fabric that I ripped out.
Then I painted the inside with the same
Folk Art "vintage white" craft paint to brighten it up.
Next I made a pattern of the inside bottom and lid
and cut fabric to fit both...
And before gluing the fabric in,
I made a pocket to go in the lid from beautiful wedding lace!

Now the box is ready to store beautiful treasures and keepsakes!!
Thank you so much for buying it Susan...I hope you love it!

I'm working on a few egg soap orders and my last project this week,
an altered bottle that's almost finished.

I've been a little under the weather with some kind of scratchy, sore throat congestion that
has really tried to get me down...isn't it amazing how we take our good health
for granted? I hope you are doing well and staying healthy!!

Wishing you a wonderful Friday precious friends,
hugs and love,

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Finishing things up ~

I finished a few of my projects last night!!
The altered spice rack and the journal are all ready to ship
to my sweet friend Mary today ~
I so hope she loves them both!

The treasure box is making is sold as well and
is looking so pretty to me.
You just can't go wrong with a
gorgeous images and vintage lace!
It's further along than this pic shows and I'll be sure
to share finished photos as soon as it's ready.

The old bottle still needs foofing and some pretty jewelry...
I'm hoping to finish everything up today!

I hope you are staying warm and cozy this cold December day...
Miss Ellie sure is!!!

Wishing you a beautiful Tuesday dear friends,
hugs and love,

Monday, December 9, 2013

Piddling around...

I've been in that crazy, creative state where I don't know
exactly WHAT to do
so I start several things all at once!

I won't even work on one thing too long...
and move on to another
because I can see it finished in my mind.

I'm a little disappointed though, I thought for sure
I'd have at least one thing ready so share with you but oh well...
I can at least share a few in-progress pics!!!

I'm working on an altered treasure box,
an old altered bottle....
an altered spice rack...
and a journal as well.

 Each project is finally coming together but it's time to call it a night!!!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and
are staying warm and cozy ~
Happy Monday precious friends!
hugs and love,


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