Friday, July 31, 2009

I loved it!!

Emily talked me into watching a movie with her last night ~ she said, "don't worry, you're gonna love it!" So guess what.......I DID! Can you believe I'd not seen Chocolat??? No I hadn't and I really enjoyed it ~ I loved the basis of the story and also the way it was filmed and the beautiful accents....
it really was wonderful!!

Another glimpse at an angel resting on my chest......

A little snippet of news that I just HAVE to share with you......
Jo Packham contacted me to come a shoot my studio
for Where Women Create in a few months!!!!!!!
Now.....what else do I need to do to this house
to get it ready for a camera crew????!!!!

Have an amazing Friday precious friends!!!!
hugs and love,

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The best of intentions ~

I really have had the best of get into my studio and create. It's so clean and ready for me! I've even started working on my sweet tiny doll dress project but with school starting Monday, yes, that's what I said, and with all the other things going on around here, it seems as my creative energy is being drained by the rest of the day.

Noah had his open house last night, I ended up giving him a short little haircut yesterday for that too ~ plus Chase heads of to college in a few weeks and we're getting everything together for that as well.

Below in the photo, can you see how I trim my paper for all the areas that I'm going to use the gel medium to adhere it? That way I don't waste's all ready to go. I still want to age the little floral print paper as it's too white and crispy for me :)

Clara dozed off for a nap and I had to get a photo of her ~
she's so precious!!!
And look at her toys!!! She's grabbing them, chewing on them
and growing so very fast ~

Thank you always for stopping by to see me ~
I hope that things will settle down here a little come Monday.....
so I can get back in the groove!!!

Wishing you an amazing Thursday dear friends ~
xxoo, Dawn

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nuturing creativity ~

A sweet image for you with wonderful text as well:

My dear friend Dawn let her daughter Sarah come over for an evening of creating last night! Sarah had an accordian book that she wanted to embellish
so I pulled out a few things for her to play with and she just took off!!!

I loved seeing how she was so sure of herself ~
her paper choices, buttons and images.
Her book turned out so beautiful ~ I took a few photos to share with you.....

As an artist it's important to look through your stash, try different things,
and then be confident in the decision that you finally ended up with.
Don't stress over your decision, as it's not a life or death thing.....
we all learn from mistakes in our art journey ~
what matters is that you play, experiment and try.....
to create something beautiful!

Wishing you a wonderful, creative Wednesday sweet friends!!
hugs and love,

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Forever friends ~

A wonderful friend of mine, Becky and her sweet daughter Laura stopped by for a visit Monday. Becky and I've been friends since I was about thirteen years old!! There have been times in our lives that we've not talked much, not because we were angry at each another but because our lives were just so busy with our families and we lived far from one another as well.

But we're the kind of friends that as soon as we start talking to one another, we pick up right where we left off. Don't you love friendships that are like that? No worry of someone getting miffed if the other didn't call....just knowing that they are there and that you are there....
it's what true friendship is I believe ~

Becky's daughter, Laura, is a Stampin' Up consultant and knows that I love the catalogs and the supplies they sell, so she brought a few goodies for me and one was a new catalog!! I took a few photos of some of my favorite things inside to share with you ~

Don't you love this chubby bird and beautiful quote?

Love anything to do with clocks ~

What is it about twill tape? It looks wonderful when used with the vintage items I love ~
and you can stamp on it too!

Beautiful script backgrounds ~

What about this neat "sanded" look stamp?

I promise I don't work for Stampin' Up but I do love to share things with you that I find!!
Now...I need to place an order, don't I? :)

Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday sweet friends ~
xxoo, Dawn

Monday, July 27, 2009

Such a wonderful time!!!

As hard as I worked for Friday's "Where Bloggers Create", it was SO worth it!!! Thank you so much sweet Karen for doing this ~ your blogging event motivated me to complete so many projects that I've been wanting to do!!!! I'm STILL visiting everyone's creative spaces on Karen's blog too.....I just love seeing them all because no matter how large or small, the most wonderful thing is what happens in that space....creating something wonderful!!!

Remember the beautiful eggs in my studio? I found them at Marshall's over a year ago right around Easter ~ they came in a clear acrylic box and a sweet friend I was with insisted on buying them for me!!!! They do look wonderful in the jar, don't they?

I never tire of adding gorgeous things to my studio.....
I found these pointe ballet slippers in Maggie's blog shoppe
The Veranda, don't you just love them????

And sweet Maggie sent a few extra goodies in the package as well ~
thank you so much Maggie, I just love it all!!!

Wishing you all an amazing Monday dear friends!!
hugs and love,

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A few more peeks ~

I took so many photos of the studio after I finally cleaned it up....
here are a few more peeks ~

I put my playlist at the bottom of the blog if you'd like to know what songs are on it ~
you have to press the start button for it to play now.
Please let me know if it still keeps the blog from loading ~ I love having it on here too but hate that it keeps the blog from loading properly ~ thank you so much!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend sweet friends!!!
xxoo, Dawn

Friday, July 24, 2009

It's here!!!! Where Bloggers Create day!!

I'm so very glad that Karen of My Desert Cottage decided to do this!!
It really motivated me to organize and get a few things accomplished
that I've had in my head for awhile....

Just a little background if you've not been to my blog before, this room was formerly the garage of our house! One of our older sons lived with us for awhile and converted it into a room! It still has the garage door if it should need to be transformed back ~ which I'm hoping isn't in the near future because I've worked so hard turning it into my creative space!!

This wall is on your right as you step down into the studio ~

This is still on your right, my little sewing area ~

Don't you think this is a good place for the ironing board?
Right in front of the air conditioner!

An inspiration board filled with wonderful old things ~

My desk where I create!

One of the projects I was working on ~
a framed, cloth-covered board with beautiful ephemera pinned on....

I just couldn't cut this matelasse curtain panel so I draped it on the chair very carefully and placed a few little stitches here and there to form a slipcover for my office chair. The stitches are concealed by beautiful vintage buttons.

My comfy chair ~

The table in the center of the room is perfect for working on projects where I need a little more space ~

Just a little bit of fabric ~

And here we are back at the door going into the house!

I love being in this room ~ it truly soothes my soul. I'm surrounded by things I love and beautiful artwork so generously given to me by my precious friends.

I hope that you enjoyed the tour....
don't you want to come over and make something together?! :)

Please be sure to check Karen's blog, My Desert Cottage,
for a list of all the bloggers that are participating ~

Thank you always for stopping by to see me sweet friends,
wishing you a wonderful Friday ~

xxoo, Dawn


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