Thursday, May 12, 2022

Watercolor painting and sprucing up a bit!

Where do I begin?
It's been WAAAAY too long since my last post for sure!

Things have been pretty good around here.
I sold my very first watercolor paintings!
I've been painting more and getting some packaged
to sell in our local antique store.
Hopefully I will get a few listed in my Etsy store too!
Here's a sampling of what I've been working on:

The peonies below are what I recently sold!
They were huge!!! 18" x 24"
They were a bit rippled when I finished with them
but was able to get them flattened out nicely.

And here they are matted and framed in my client's home!

I've even painted some teeny watercolors to fit into these sweet little frames!

We've been working on planting a small garden,
potting pretty plants and best of all?
Bringing our old, in-ground pool back to life!

We moved here last year and let the old pool remain covered,
especially for safety's sake.
You could hear the frog's croaking at night
as they basically called it home!

It's now been pumped out, cleaned up and we are waiting
on the new liner to arrive and be installed.
We've never had a pool in our entire lives so
there will be a learning curve. Wish us luck!!!

We gave the retaining wall behind the pool
a bit of a face lift!
The cap blocks on top were old and crumbling away.
Well, we purchased some decorative pavers
that looked good with the wall and my sweet dad
chipped all the old off and added the pavers!
It's a simple change but sure makes a huge difference.

The photo below is before the pavers and before pressure washing the concrete!
You can barely see it but the wall was crumbling on top.

Here are the simple pavers. They were only 25 cents each!!!
You can see our teeny garden too.

Spring is all about beautiful, new plants!

I so hope you are enjoying your spring!
It will be scorching hot here in middle Georgia in just a few weeks
and I won't be able to tolerate it.
If you're looking for me,
I'll be indoors or in the pool!!!

Hugs and love always,


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