Thursday, February 28, 2013

The finishing details ~

Are you just about tired of looking at sachets???
Well, I had a few special requests and since I blog about what I do,
there you go!
More sachets!

These first two were extras and did end up in my Etsy shop  :)

Here they all are piled up on top of one another ~
I just love how they look like this.

My special orders...
I so hope they love them!!!!

Thank you always for checking in on me even though I'm making
so much of the same thing lately!!!!

Have a gorgeous Thursday my sweet, sweet friends,
hugs and love,

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Almost finished...

I just gave out of steam!

I've been working on a few special orders and almost, almost finished
them but finally had to call it quits for the night...

A few precious babies I've given to you in the past
to use in your artwork
click a couple of times to save the largest size:

My pile of sweetness that I almost finished ~
several lavender sachets and even one needle book (not pictured)
These just need a teeny bit more embellishment and
they will be ready to go!

I just love using the wonderful old lace that I've collected over the years...
it's so beautiful and deserves to be enjoyed.

Wishing you a beautiful Wednesday precious friends,
hugs and love,

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A few new things...

I finished a bunch of little sachets for my sweet friend Linda...
I printed the new graphic I created for her post cards onto fabric
and turned them into lavender sachets!
I hope she loves them.....

I had to make her a special lavender sachet as a thank-you.....
just for her to enjoy and to thank her for buying my wares ~

And as I'm creating these goodies...I turn around to head to my sewing machine and
THIS is what I see!!! Thelma sunning herself under one of my lamps ~

Happy Tuesday angels....
hugs and love,

Monday, February 25, 2013

I so love drop cloths ~

First, I have to share this beautiful image with you ~
I knew you would love it the minute I saw it in my gift package from Linda!!!
Click it a few times to enlarge, then save :)

If you've read my blog any at all,
you would know my fondness for drop cloth canvas and
the wonderful fabric that it is!

Well, this weekend I did it again.
I purchased three drop cloths to make curtains for our living room.
I know I will love them though because I love drop cloths!
I've already washed each one with detergent and fabric softener...then dried each one.
They do shrink a little but it so, so softens the fabric!!!!

I don't have any photos to share with you yet but
I do have these pics from a few years back in our last home ~
These were casually hung on wire that was wrapped around nails...
I hung them in the bay window of our dining room.
I loved the way the wire swags across the windows!

Plus, I just have to share these beautiful photos that Emily took of her gorgeous babies,
our beautiful grandbabies,
this past weekend!!!!

I'm also working on a few orders for friends....

Wishing you all such a wonderful Monday ~
hugs and love sweet friends,

Friday, February 22, 2013

A few lovely, old things...just what I love ~

Hello dear friends!!
I guess you can tell I've been taking it easy this week...
but I do have to get back into my creative groove very soon ~

I scanned in this precious baby for you (a gift from sweet Lisa)
and blushed her cheeks ever so slightly too!!
Click to enlarge and save ~

I just have to share some wonderful gifts I recently received from Linda of Willow Nest ~
She said she had some things that she knew I'd love and
of course you know I DO!!!
She was able to bit TONS of  wonderful treasures in this little 9 x 16" pillow slip...
let me give you a little peek:

I unloaded it all and carefully laundered all of the precious fabric goodies,
French baby dresses, shirts, bibs....
I'm so in love with those two blue and white dresses!!!!

Beautiful old French ephemera and photographs ~

She told me that the bibs are from a French friend of hers when she was a baby!
All laundered, all pressed...what to do with them?
I've got to think of something ~

And just look at the teeny doll hangers...

Yes, this is the smallest, most precious doll pillow case!
Now I've GOT to make a pillow for it.

Look at the old fabric measuring tape, it's beautiful to me.

I so love this, I'll be sure to scan it and share it with you!

And I so love this red striped thingie with button holes...
it has them on each end like it was a cuff or something.
Wouldn't it be beautiful foundation for a collage???

I hope you enjoyed seeing the sweet treasures she gifted me,
you really couldn't even see them all!
Thank you so much precious Linda,
you are such an angel for thinking of me!!!

Wishing you wonderful weekend precious friends,
hugs and love,

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sweet inspiration ~

I'm loving this week...
Noah has no school and it's been wonderful
with no schedule!!
I'm such a freak but oh well, I just love being able to
go to bed when I'm tired and sleep until I'm rested.

I've found some pretties from the past that I hope inspire you ~

Sweet images:

Wonderful finds....

And altered spoon I made a few years ago ~

A sweet pincushion ~

A shell pincushion I made ~

I need to go pull this book out again ~ it is FILLED with gorgeous inspiration!

And old pic of my studio when it was in a transformed two-car garage....

A purse I made from drop cloth fabric and yummy old lace!

Clock love ~

A pair of twin beds I hand-painted when I had the shop...

A bundle of wonderful tattered books gifted to me from my friend Joy....

Another shell pincushion I made ~

And I saved the very best for last!!!!
Our sweet Murray, five months old now sleeping sweetly in his
brand new swaddle blanket thingie I made him!

Wishing you a very happy Wednesday sweet friends ~
hugs and love,


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