Monday, July 30, 2018

Life is like a chapter book ~



As I get older I'm realizing this more and more each day.
Our lives are like books, filled with so many different chapters.
Some chapters are exciting, scary and wonderful!
Others are sad, painful and you can't wait for them to be over.

When I was 19 years old, I married a sweet and wonderful man.
He was 21 and we were so excited to begin our married lives together!
Fast forward and we raised five amazing sons over the years,
and now several have married plus
we have four beautiful grandbabies too!

Each one...a different, beautiful, difficult and exhilarating
chapter of our life book.

All along the way we've moved to different homes as our family grew.
Moving was always exciting (and a stressful time) to me!
It was a great time to purge all that we didn't need anymore,
clean everything
and of course the most fun of all?
Decorating our new home to make it beautiful
and of course, to make it feel like HOME.

Almost eight years ago we moved into this wonderful, old farmhouse.
Noah, our youngest, was our only son left at home at the time.
He was flexible and didn't mind the move at all and even didn't mind
the fact that the house was old, creaky and even kind of ugly.

This was our chance to finally live in an OLD home!!!

I didn't mind a matter of fact, I embraced it!
It was my goal to transform the old, ugly duckling into
a beautiful swan!

Before (was dark, cheap paneling...):


Before (sorry but this was after Noah moved out....still it's a "before"):




 now it's time for a little change in our lives!

We are searching for a newer home now...much more energy efficient too.
It's been such a fun journey living in this wonderful old home
but now that it's just my husband and I,
we are trying to be a little wiser, more money conscious
and we're so very excited about our new chapter!!!

Please wish us luck that we find the perfect place to land!!!
Thank you always for stopping by to visit me here ~

hugs and love,


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