Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ready for a field trip?

Today Emily and I were ready for a visit to The Plum Tree in downtown McDonough, Georgia. Oh. my. goodness....Cindy has it looking so amazing! I had to take the camera because I KNEW it was going to be wonderful and it WAS!

Take a look around and tell me if you don't agree ~ click on any photo to enlarge and examine things closely. And she'll ship small things if you see something you can't live without!

What did I find? A wonderful old Physics notebook with handwritten notes (I promise to share a few scans with you!) a small French book, another baby dress to alter and the new issue of Romantic Homes....oh, and a Warm Home Heritage fav! It smells likes cookies are baking all the time!
Wishing you a wonderful Saturday sweet friends,
xxoo, Dawn

Friday, February 27, 2009

OK, I'm in LOVE with

I had heard of the website before but never taken the time to visit fun!!! Thank you so much Lori for reminding me about it.....I know I have Photoshop (still need to learn so much) but this is waaaay too easy ~

I've changed the coloring of the photo that I gave you earlier and softened a beautiful classic painting as out, you'll get hooked!

xxoo, Dawn

Friends, fabric and the little bird girl ~

Look at this beautiful stack of fabrics that Marcie of The Rustic Victorian sent me.....they look so French to me ~ what an angel she is! She's become a little muse to me ~ I've just got to make something with these quick....lavender sachets? Thank you sweet friend, I promise I'll turn this fabric into something pretty!

I'm making a few more of these bird girl dresses for some sweet friends ~ I know, it's taking me way too long! I test the size first by printing the images onto regular paper ~ then I print them onto the fabric.

What is it about the fabric with beautiful images on it?? I just love they way they look on speckled muslin!

When I was outside today I noticed the peach tree in our yard has the sweetest pink buds on it. Our spring is soon approaching here in Georgia. I think that baby Clara will bring it with her, don't you? Emily is getting tired very easily and is about ready for this to happen. She's due March 20th....we are all so looking forward to meeting this precious little girl ~

A sweet image for you:

"I once had a sparrow alight upon my shoulder for a moment, while I was hoeing in a village garden, and I felt that I was more distinguished by that circumstance that I should have been by any epaulet I could have worn."


Wishing you a wonderful Friday sweet friends ~

xxoo, Dawn

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pretty things for you ~

I love beautiful old graphics and I love to share them with you! Here are a few for you to click to enlarge and then right click to save to your computer. Print them out and frame them, glue them to composition books, put them on the front of a blank note card....the possibilities are endless!

hugs to you dear friends ~ Dawn

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A beautiful valentine I won & another great tool for the studio ~

I won a wonderful Valentine's day gift from Miss Sandy at Quill Cottage and her package arrived today!!! I just wanted to let you take a peek at this beautiful artwork!!

It was wrapped so very pretty and of course Sandy knows I will save each and every trinket and trim that she used to wrap it!!

It's a sweet little mirrored Valentine!! I just love it sweet Sandy!! Thank you so very much ~ I know little Clara will enjoy looking into it too ~

Thank you so very much Sandy, I just love anything you create!!!

A neat metal stamping set that I found at Michael's and used my coupon to get it!!

I sewed this little girl's legs back to her to try to dress her!!

A glimpse at my soldering suitcase ~

Thank you for stopping by to see me ~ and always for you sweet comments...
Have a wonderful Thursday sweet friends,
xxoo, Dawn

A sweet giveaway ~

I love to share giveaways with you! Candice of Sweet Romance has created this beautiful flower for her giveaway, just perfect for spring ~ you can pin it on a blouse, purse, even a lampshade! PLUS she's adding a special something from her Lollishops store!!!

Just click here to visit her blog, take a look around her Lollishops store and comment to win !

xxoo, Dawn

Found....good stuff ~

I ran a few errands today and of course had to stop by Books-A-Million to see what they had that I couldn't live without!

Altered books have been on my mind lately and I've admired so many other artist's work and I've really been wanting to try to make one. I found a book that shares a lot of really neat ideas so maybe it will spur me on to give it a go!

Another neat thing is that they had all of their calendars on sale for just $3.00! I've always loved this Country Living calendar so I bought it as well ~ the images inside make me smile :)

And the new Victoria was out so I had to get it too!! Look at the calling cards page....look really close and look who you see....Deena's card!!!! Yaaaaay Deena, I'm so happy for you being in this magazine!! It even speaks of her Primitive Gathering website....

I LOVE pressed ferns ~ this article is in Victoria too...

A peek at the Altered Book Workshop book ~

I had to share this beautiful piece of lichen Emily brought inside to give me....why do I find this beautiful? I don't really know...but I do ~

Beautiful things make me smile....

Have a very happy Wednesday sweet friends ~

xxoo, Dawn

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Simply gorgeous ~

You know it when you see it.....your style or the look that you love. When you come across a blog and you stop and can't wait to enlarge each and every photo, and examine even the tiniest of's pure magic!

Patina Green is truly what I love ~ These two women have a knack for finding the most amazing things to sell, you can visit their blog HERE to see much, much more!

xxoo, Dawn

Speckled egg charms, bunny fluff & beautiful postcards ~

I started working on three little egg charms that will adorn "little bird girl" dresses ~ I'm a little rusty with the soldering but got a little better the more I did. Thank goodness the "look" I'm going for is rustic! BTW, I use microscope slides for these charms....I cut them in half! Not an easy task either but I'm trying to get better at it :) I found these two boxes on ebay....

When I went outside today look at this sweet little tuft of bunny hair that I found! I couldn't resist it....I know, I'm crazy :) I just hope the rabbit wasn't hurt while losing it!

I keep my soldering supplies in a small suitcase in my studio. I still can't believe I'm calling it a studio but oh well, it just sounds so "official".... but back to the suitcase, it keeps all the items together and works really well. I have a box of beautiful old postcards that I've been collecting as I love to make color copies of them and sandwich them between two pieces of glass then solder around. I just had to share some with you!!!
Please click these to enlarge, then right click to save to your own computer. You can frame the copies that you print out or use in your artwork ~

You all are so wonderful ~
have a great Tuesday sweet friends,

xxoo, Dawn


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