Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Getting back into the studio to create!

Yes, I've made a few antique button necklaces recently
but since we moved into our new home
I've not really made a piece of artwork.

It's funny how you can totally slip out of that groove.
But life happens, you can even forget how much you love it.
When I finally DO make something?
It all comes back to me!!!!

Just making something from forgotten fragments is so rewarding.
This is an antique plinth board or enormous molding.
It is so old, aged and was a wonderful backdrop for this piece!

I created the heart pattern, sewed it from drop cloth fabric and then painted it.
I also used some antiquing solution to age it around the edges.
It didn't need to look pristine with that wonderful board behind it.

I wrapped the heart with brown hemp cord and tied and antique key to the front.

Next I drilled holes in the board and added the rusty twisted wire to hang.

A few embellishments were added to the hanger,
untwisted twine and some thinner wire accents.

Of course I had to add the little metal frame and the "love much" wording!

The heart has been wired onto the board to secure it.

It's really a quite simple piece but it truly speaks volumes to me.
I'm calling it "The Key to My Heart"

I've recently added it to my Etsy store if you like to take a peek!

It's been over a year since I made anything.
Moving into our new home totally sucked the life out of me.
It was wonderful and stressful all at the same time!!!

We will soon be here a year and I'm finally settled in enough
to feel comfortable up in our new studio.

So don't give up on yourself.
It just takes time to adjust to change or get through what's going on in your life.
Fall will soon be here. Cooler weather always inspires me!!!
I hope to be sharing more artwork and goodies soon.

Thank you always for stopping by to see what I'm up to!!!
Even if it's not much of anything, HAHAHA!!

Hugs and love,


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