Friday, October 31, 2008

Did I ever tell you that I love pink?

Well, I do ~ I adore it! The softer and paler, the better too....and sweet grandbaby girl will finally allow me to indulge in my love of pink. After having five sons myself, I never worried about it, just loving babies is all I wanted. And that I did ~ love my babies. Now, to have a this little girl come into our lives is just an absolute THRILL!

Thank you all so very much for your sweet comments and good wishes!! Sweet Emily is overjoyed as is Brent who I think finally realized after the sonogram that this is REALLY REAL! If you'd love to tell Emily, visit her blog The Lavender Beekeeper ~ I'm sure she'd just love to hear from you. I love you Lady Em!

About 22 years ago in November my sweet grandmother knitted a baby sweater, hat and blanket for our third child. She made the brave choice to create them in pink and we had another little boy. I promised her I'd save it for a little girl in our family, whether it be our child or grandchild. She passed away two years later never to know we did have two more children, both sweet sons.

So I have had this precious little ensemble wrapped safely in my cedar chest....waiting. Now the beautiful set will be worn by our first grandchild. My grandmother would be so very proud. She was so talented, always doing something with her hands. She also made the tiny sweater and cap that I wore home from the hospital! Her designs were much more intricate in her younger years. This set is simple in style, but still created with love ~

At one time when I had the antique store I would look on Ebay for little sweater sets, handmade by loving hands but never worn or outgrown ~ Look at this set I found that I just couldn't let go and now, I'm glad I didn't! Can't you see the sweet girl in this??!!

I scanned this beautiful print for you as a thank you gift!!! I love sleeping baby prints and have a little collection of them. Just right click to save to your computer ~

Look what I did to it in Photoshop Elements ~ I love the softness of this look, don't you? Save if you'd like it ~

A couple of antique Christmas cards that I scanned for you too!! Right click to save each image to your computer ~

See this old doll baby crib? I have it stashed in my art room just waiting to be taken down and played with!! The sweater the porcelain baby has on is the set that my grandmother made for me as a newborn ~ soon to be 47 years old this Christmas ~ whew!

If this is how I am for the sonogram, how am I going to be when she's born??!

hugs and love to you all ~

and a Happy Halloweeny Friday,

xxoo, Dawn

Thursday, October 30, 2008


I just CAN'T BELIEVE THIS BUT SWEET FRIENDS, WE'RE HAVING A GRANDBABY GIRL!!! Can you believe it?? I've said all along it doesn't matter, I love boys so very much but how wonderful IS THIS?? What a blessing ~ Emily and Brent are so happy. They said she sucked her thumb and covered her face with her hands! You'd think I was the first grandmama ever in the world......thank you so much for listening to me babble on......A GIRL! Who would have ever thought?!!

(((((hugs to you all!)))))
xxoo, Dawn

My heart is filled with love ~

I made these two precious jar fairies today thinking all the while of our new little grandbaby and whether the sweet angel is a boy or a girl . . . I would smile as I looked at each one of these wonderful children's photographs.

Emily and Brent go this morning to have the sonogram and hopefully they will be able to tell!! I promise to let you know as soon as I find out ~ it doesn't matter at all, but it sure will be fun knowing! Plus they'll only have to pick one name which is bound to make things a little easier ~

I offer these two fairies to you, my sweet blog friends first. They are 18.00 each with 6.00 shipping in the continental US. Just email me at: if you're interested. I'll put them in my Etsy store later in the day ~

May all your fairy wishes and dreams come true!!
Happy Thursday dear friends ~
xxoo, Dawn

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Not my style but still amazing ~

About six months ago this room was, let's see, how shall I put it....DISGUSTING! Believe it or not, this is our garage! Having been in the antique business for over 5 years I had accumulated tons of "projects" as I painted furniture and was always trying to turn something worthless into a treasure. Well this garage was busting at the seams. We had the big yard sale this past summer and Brad (the pumpkin eater artist), our middle son, totally redid this room all by himself!

He's returning to college after the Christmas holidays and needed to live at home with us to be able to do it all. Well, since you've all seen the spare room (that would be my lovely art room that is also busting at the seams), this was the only alternative. It's not been transformed permanently but sealed, the garage door hardware on the ceiling removed and peel and stick tile from Lowes is on the floor. It has the look of slate. See the wall of fabric? It's about five sheets hung on a tight cable ~ no sewing at all and they hide the garage door! He's about to buy a couple of small heaters but amazingly it stays quite nice out there. I think it must be insulated.

I'm sorry these photos are dark but I wanted you to see the beautiful lighting. Brad is so talented. I have to say though, I am SO drooling over this space.....can't you just see it as a STUDIO?! Sorry Brad, I love you son, but this is an amazing space now ~

PS. He wants to major in Design!

I spent the day Tuesday finishing up the article and going through two years of photographs to go with it. eyes are tired! I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday dear friends ~
xxoo, Dawn

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sometimes even a click can help ~

to view this wonderful treasury of pink artists that Sherry has compiled who are donating the proceeds of their work to breast cancer research ~ the more clicks it receives will send it to Etsy's front page and hopefully it will generate sales for the cure ~

In honor of all those that I love and have loved ~

xxoo, Dawn

A new article in the works and a little randomness (is that a word?)

Monday was totally a catch up day! I started working on laundry, then straighted and cleaned the house up a bit, which always leaves me feeling better and that it's OK to go in the art room, what's up with that? I wasn't creating artwork but working on a new article ~ I'm so excited to be writing one for Artful Blogging!! I just have to figure out some of my favorite posts to highlight ~ and that ought to be fun because I just looked . . . I'm at about 686 posts!! I've got to start thinking of a neat giveaway for my 700th post ~

I wanted to share this beautiful idea for a headboard. I know you've probably heard of it before, using an old mantle with a padded insert in the opening, but I wanted to show you this wonderful photo that I found of it.

These photos have nothing to do with each other ~ I just wanted to share them with you :) Here's the beautiful fall sky in my back yard. Our trees aren't really in full fall swing yet as you can see here.

Our middle son, Brad carved his pumpkin Monday evening to go with his brothers handiwork on the front porch ~ Brad's quite artistic . . . look what he did!!!

As I write the article for Artful Blogging, my mind always returns to how much I enjoy being here, and being a part of such a wonderful community of dear friends. Thank you always for stopping by to see me, saying hello and also for inspiring me with your artwork, your words and especially with your friendship.

Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday sweet friends!!
xxoo, Dawn

Monday, October 27, 2008

Some beautiful things for you to see ~

I thought while visiting with the family in the evenings this past weekend I would sit and go through yet another file of clippings that I had stowed away. These are the oldest that I own and I had been wanting to see what I would still love and what I would want to toss.

There were a lot of beautiful pages that I kept that were timeless, classic ideas that were just as beautiful today as they were ten or more years ago. You know the magazine they were from?? Yes, Victoria! But there were plenty from others but seems as those from Victoria still make me 'sigh'......

Here is a beautiful botanical image I scanned that I've been wanting to give you ~ I hope you can use it in your artwork in some way or just frame it!! Just right click to save to your computer ~

Well, we all know that "favorite things" was wonderful and this page was no exception! Look at all the bird goodies. You may have to click to enlarge this one ~

And lastly, look at this project ~ wouldn't these make beautiful Christmas gifts?? I love this idea ~

Well, Brent and Emily are back in Savannah safe and sound. The house is quiet and we all miss them so much. I can only hope that someday soon they will live closer to us so I can get my hands on our sweet grandbaby as often as I can! Oh, and Thursday morning is the ultrasound!!! I'm counting the days.....have a wonderful Monday!!
xxoo, Dawn

Saturday, October 25, 2008

S'mores, jack-o-lanterns and roasted pumpkin seeds!

We had the most fun Friday evening!! Brent took Chase and Noah to a most wonderful "pumpkin patch" (Wallyworld) and found the biggest, most beautiful pumpkins for 3.99 each!! Can you believe that? Plus he bought all the supplies to make s'mores! So after dinner Brent, Chase and Noah went out back and built a beautiful fire. We all gathered 'round and enjoyed the warmth (even though it wasn't really that cold just chilly, Noah even had shorts on!) and family. We missed David, as he had to work in Savannah and missed Brad too as he was with friends. The s'mores were delicious and roasted marshmallows always remind me of my childhood. We camped all the time!

Sweet Emily gazing at the fire ~ she's been feeling the baby!! Next Thursday is her 20-week sonogram.....We can't wait to find out what she's having ~

Noah grinning ~ what boy doesn't love a campfire?!

Brent working on his marshmallow roaster/coat hanger and Emily supervising!

The professional construction of "The S'more"

And on to pumpkin carving time!

Our seed bounty!

The wonderful handiwork ~

And also our first fire of the season in the fireplace as the pumpkin seeds roasted in the oven.....the aroma was just wonderful!

These are the days that memories are made of ~
much love to you all,
xxoo, Dawn

Friday, October 24, 2008

The chubby bird gets a makeover ~

I think I called her a "he" in the first post about this little bird, but she's definitely a "she" now ~ Seems as though I love making things into girls! Adorned with vintage pearl eyes, antique lace and buttons, trim and seam binding with a sweet old clock face on her collar . . . I barely tinted her beak and cheeks, just to add a blush of color. She's stuffed with fiberfill and has one little river rock inside her belly to weigh her down.

The strange thing about me and creating is I love making things . . . once. But if I have to duplicate one item over and over . . . I just don't do well. Are you like that? I may try this little bird pattern that I created again. Maybe using a different fabric ~ She will be in my Etsy store!!

UPDATE: This sweet little bird has been SOLD and will be flying off to join Stacey at The Blessed Nest!

Today Brent, Emily and Noah took the fishing poles and did a little exploring and trying to find a a good fishing spot. They didn't get very lucky but had a great time together walking and being out in the fall weather. Tonight DH made his amazing lasagne and garlic bread then for dessert I made a humongous peach cobbler . . . you know the cup, a cup, a cup recipe? It's easy peasy:


1 8x8 casserole dish, sprayed with non-stick spray

with 1 stick of butter or margarine (1/2 cup) melted in the bottom

1 cup of self-rising flour placed in a bowl

1 cup of sugar placed in the bowl too

1 cup of milk in the bowl as well

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp vanilla

stir till all ingredients are well blended

Pour in over melted butter

Open BIG can of sliced peaches, drain and put into batter evenly.

Bake at 350 degrees for about 45 min. or until top is golden brown. Remove from oven and sprinkle with a dusting of sugar!

Hope you have a great Friday sweet friends!!!

xxoo, Dawn


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