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Monday, January 28, 2008

Field Trip - Part Two!

I hope this isn't like looking at family vacation slides . . . but I just love the beauty in a cemetery. It may seem creepy to a lot of people but they are filled with peacefulness and such beauty and history!

I took a few shots yesterday in a very old cemetery in Atlanta, the Oakland Cemetery. Margaret Mitchell the author of Gone With The Wind rests there. Anyway, my husband and son loved the history and I love the gorgeous blue sky and elegant statuary ~

Can you see the city of Atanta skyline peeking above the trees?

Look at the name of this restaurant across the street ~ what a hoot! I've heard the food is really good, too . . .

Thanks so much for always looking in on me and seeing what I'm up to! I'd better get busy getting some goods together to go to The Plum Tree tomorrow. I'll show a few more photos of some other items I found at the estate sale Saturday as soon as I get them cleaned up!


Fete et Fleur said...

I love the field trip pictures! I love old cemeteries too. We have a beautiful one near are home and I used to go and make engravings on paper of the angels carved on some of the tombs. I hope that doesn't sound strange. I learned it from an art teacher.

I really think you have to go back and get that dress form!! (LOL) :<)

By the way...thanks for the suggestion on the stationery. I never even thought of that. It would be fun to create little note cards with these lovely birds printed on them. They're truly beautiful and I would hate to alter them in any way.

Hugs! Nancy

Miss Sandy said...

Thanks for taking me along on the field trip. Glad to know we are not the only family who visits cemetaries. Every trip we take we have to stop, soak up a little history and my daughter and I take photos and some times even rubbings of the tombstones. Last year when we were in Savannah we spent an entire afternoon in a graveyard. No so creepy or weird, I grew up living across the street from a cemetary.

Maebelle Park said...

Oh Dawn, thank you for sharing those beautiful photos. I just love cemetary angels...I know it sounds wacky but it's true. You know from my first blogging post how I like them.I have some beautiful pics from a cemetary in Cedar Key, Fl that are gorgeous.I will find and share later on. My sister has some pretty ones on her blog as well, Mockingbird Hill, there's a link on my page.

Lisa & Alfie at The Pickled Hutch said...

How can anyone consider such works of art creepy? I love cemeteries and exploring the really old headstones. I particularly love the old cemeteries in New Orleans ( pre-Katrina) I think sculptures make the most beautiful black and white photo's.
Lisa & Alfie

Anonymous said...

I have a brother that lives in Marietta ..the Atlanta airport is huge! I would love to visit the coast of Georgia someday?!

Lori said...

Dawn, thanks for the field trip, your pictures are lovely!!!

madrekarin said...

I'm glad you had such a good time at Oakland. And that you did not come home with a sprained ankle. :)
We will have to take a trip there one day and eat at Six Feet Under.
See you tomorrow!

~*~ Patty said...

Dawn, thank you for sharing these cemetery photos. They are wonderful and I too find peace and solice in just such places. I've never been to Atlanta, so it's like taking a little field trip right here from my computer chair = fun!!! Six Feet Under was quite a good TV series as well!

Tara said...

This is a different but interesting kind of field trip--thanks for sharing!

Suzanne said...

Oh, I love cemeteries. I take lots of photos, especially of the beautiful old monuments. Last year my mom, sister and I went on a road trip to Tennessee. We called it the "We see dead people tour". We were hunting for my great-great-grandfather's resting place. It took us awhile and lots of hunting but we found it and it was so beautiful.

~Nancy~ said...

I have enjoyed taking a virtual trip with you. My daughter is a senior at Emory and I dearly love my visits to Atlanta to see her. We never seem to have enough time for the out of the way spots but Paris on Ponce will definitely be on my list for the next time.
I love the restaurant name...too funny and slightly irreverant.
We are from Arkansas but I moved to Kentucky when she left for Atlanta. What a huge adjustment for both of us!
Love your blog and enjoy reading you each day.


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