Thursday, August 30, 2012

Finding myself scattered ~

Do you ever feel that way?
Scattered with your thoughts and feelings?
There's just so much going on...
in your real world
and even the cyberworld!

But I always find comfort in all that is beautiful....

 And the coming season of Fall ALWAYS makes me smile!

I'm looking forward to the wonderful, crisp, cool mornings....
and all that comes with autumn ~
seasons bring change and sometimes change is a wonderful thing!

Happy Thursday my sweet friends,
hugs and love,

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Waiting oh-so patiently...

As my daughter-in-law Emily nears her due date,
we all are waiting so patiently to meet
our precious baby Murray!

Murray is due September 9th, but things are beginning to happen!!
Emily's doctor visits are now every week and
she has already started dilating (3)
so it's obvious the time is drawing near ~

I think of our baby Clara, who's not such a baby anymore
but remember how small and precious she was.
Clara is still precious and has a sweet spirit about her...
She's so excited and I just know she's going to be
a wonderful big sister!

A photo of our sweetie lounging on her sofa
all cozied up with the doll blanket I made for her!
I wish I would have had more fabric so I could have
made it larger :)

 Clara when she was a newborn:

 Clara's wrinkly little newborn foot...

We're all praying for a swift, easy and healthy delivery!!!
I promise, I'll let you know as soon as the action begins ~

I hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday precious friends,
hugs and love,

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Angels are among us...

Thank you so much for your encouraging words!
I know I should take a bit of a break but do love being here too ~
Seems I'm drawn to my blog...
it is a refuge in it's own way you know.

I played around today in my studio...
just something really simple.
I made an angel wing pattern ~
and this is what transpired:

Simple hand gathered ruffles using my favorite glue, Fabri-tac!
I just ran a line of glue onto my base and scrunched up
my little ruffles with my fingers (which are quite peeley right now!)

Of course I had to add a seam binding bundle and hanger ~
what do you think?
They are about 8" high and ready to hang
Just listed in my Etsy store!

Wishing you a beautiful Tuesday my dear friends ~
hugs and love,

Monday, August 27, 2012

I love you, you know I do...

But it seems as of late, I am in a bit of a funk.
What exactly IS a "funk?"
Well, Merriam-Webster says it's a
"depressed state of mind"
and maybe it is.

But for me, it's really being in a distracted state of mind.
With much going on with my family...I've not been
able to concentrate on creating and sharing like I normally do.
But I still love sharing with you here.
Even if my photos are random...
or even a few repeats...
I love sharing with you and being present.

Do you have these moments?
So much going on that you just can't do it all
at 100 percent?

But ahhh...such is life.
Trying to juggle much,
do it all right...


We are simply human in the end.

Wishing you a most wonderful week ahead and
a very happy Monday precious friends,

hugs and love,

Friday, August 24, 2012

French General fabric and lavender...

Boy, I guess that paint job took it out of me more than I realized!!!
I keep forgetting I'm fifty and after I do something like that,
I suffer for a few days afterwards!!

A sweet baby for you, she's a sweet repeat ~ but yet still so SWEET!

My meager accomplishments in the last few days?
These little lavender sachets!
Lisa had gifted me some French General fabric a while back
and I've been meaning to make something from it.

I love making the little sacque sachets...they stand up so pretty!
Plus another neat thing about these is that I didn't sew the top closed.
The are simply cinched with some ribbon and a pretty rhinestone pin.

So in a few years, if the fragrance needs to be replaced you simply
add fresh lavender buds!!

OH, and I've decided to part with these wonderful old things...
antique scissors.
BIG old scissors!
Rusty and crusty,
not good for cutting
but perfect to hang on your wall!

I've added all these goodies to my Etsy shop if you'd like to take a little peek!!

I hope you are doing so good.
We've been having cooler temps lately and I love it so much!!
Thank you so much for stopping by to see what I've been up to ~
your comments are so precious to me.

Wishing you a BEAUTIFUL Friday dear friends,
hugs and love,


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