Thursday, August 17, 2023

Just sharing a little goodness ~


How precious is this sweet little girl?

I found her online and had to share her with you!

My son gave me this wonderful framed poppy print

but it wasn't quite my style.

He didn't care if I altered it,

so I decided to change it up just a little bit.

I had a few more very old herbarium sheets that I hadn't framed so

I covered a piece of cardboard with some lovely fabric

that would coordinate with them first.

Then I placed them as best I could.

I don't know, I would have rather not have them overlap but oh well,

I wanted to include them all.

I also spray painted the frame a pale bronze color.

I really love it now!!!!

I hung it in our den over the desk.
These pages are from 1898 and should be displayed.
Not tucked away in a drawer.

We opened our pool in May but look how AWFUL it was!

Thank goodness our son Brent, his wife Emily

and our son Noah helped us.

After a good scrubbing, tons of chemicals it is wonderful now!

It has been so, so terribly hot here in middle Georgia this summer.

We're all so thankful to have this pool to cool down!

I scrounged around our house this summer

and found TONS more frames so I proceeded

to print out so many more images that I love.

Now to find places to put them all!

I had a fun junkin' day with our son Brad

and found these beautiful treasures!!!

I'll be making a couple of floral arrangements

in those birch bark cones. Maybe to go in our new guest bedroom.

Just look at that yummy antique lace!!!

I've been working on decorating our master guest room too.

I still want to add SO much more artwork.

It really is a work in progress.

Oh...and I had my left hip replaced June 20th

and I can't EVEN believe

how much better I can walk now without pain!

Hopefully now I can get back to making something pretty.

It's been a rough couple of years for me.

I hope you are doing so good.

This year is flying by!!!

Be sure to cherish each and every moment

with those you love.

Thank you always for visiting me here!

Hugs and love,


Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Making our house a home!

Hi sweet friends!
Yes, I've been absent for a while now!
I've been having some health and pain issues with my back and left hip
so it's made me pretty doggone boring.

I have managed to get a few things accomplished so I thought
I'd share some photos with you all.

Firstly, our son Brad gave me a new antique set of china for Christmas!
It's been unpacked, cleaned and displayed in my mama's china cabinet.
I absolutely LOVE IT!!


As we've moved into the big living room,
I've slowly but surely added items to make it feel like home!

We found this amazing ottoman at a thrift store for only 14.99!

Our den is now a library/office/extra room for making pretty things!

It's been so much fun but has also taken me waaay too long!

And recently I actually made something!
A sugar dish pincushion for someone special.

Thank you always for stopping by,
even if I haven't posted in months!!

Much love,

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Finally sharing in this brand new year!

Happy New Year!
My goodness y'all, the years are flying by like lightning!

I will tell you one thing we can ALL count on in this life

Yes, over the years my family and I have experienced all kinds of change.
It just seems that the older I get, the less I want to experience.
Losing my mama was the biggest change I've ever had to go through.
And truthfully...I'm not "through" it and never will be.
She was my precious mother and my very best friend.

This coming May, it will be two years since she passed.
My dad has grieved for her so much and then this past fall
he finally realized how terribly lonely he was.

He met a sweet lady, they dated a few months and BAM!!
They were married!!!
The best thing? I love her too!
She as sweet as pie and just what daddy needed.

Dad moved to her home and we've been adjusting around here.
It really is a good thing though.
I miss him but am so very happy for him too!

SO, we've been rearranging furniture and
moving into my parent's living room.
It's not what we planned in the beginning but that's okay.

I'll share some photos of our new living room space soon.
We're turning our den into an office space
as my husband works from home!

I hope the new year is being so good to you!!!
Thank you always for checking in on me...

Hugs and love,


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