Sunday, January 31, 2010

With you in mind . . .

Did you know that I go junkin' (a.k.a. shopping) with you in mind?

I'm always looking for wonderful images
that you can use in your artwork....
maybe even print and frame to simply just enjoy!!!

I tried to clean this photograph up a little, but I'm not a pro at Photoshop....
Doesn't she have ATTITUDE???
I just LOVE it!!

Check out Lisa's tutorial for making these precious little muslin gift bags....
Just CLICK HERE to read all about it ~

Have a great Sunday precious friends ~
hugs and love,

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sweet friendship...

I finished my assemblage!
I just labor over each and every element....the balance, the colors.....
I love the wonderful quote on this one ~
friendship is so sweet and precious.
For purchase in my shoppe here ~

Remember the stamp holder?
Well, I remembered I had some glass bottles
that all matched and I dug them out and LOOK!!!
Do you not just LOVE THIS?
I simply can't sell it....I just love it!

I know so many of you have had terribly cold weather and snow storms.
Please stay cozy and warm this winter weekend ~

Artist Class begins Monday.....I can't wait!!!
I love all of the projects and will have to get busy creating some of them!
But the neat thing about it is, if I don't have time
I can still save all of the tutorials and images and
create them when I do have time!
There's still plenty of time to sign up and for 10.00 off the price
just type in

Wishing you a relaxing, cozy weekend!!!
hugs and love,

Friday, January 29, 2010

For you ~

This is the precious image that I'm using
in my little assemblage in the sewing machine drawer ~

I scanned it over a year ago from a
precious antique child's book!
I may have given it to you already but here it is again...
Enjoy using it for your artwork as well :)
I hope you are having a wonderful day!

hugs and love,

The best of intentions . . .

Don't we all start the day out that way?
With the best of get SO much accomplished!
I totally beat myself up too if I've not achieved what I thought I should ~
I think sometimes that I concentrate too many times
on my agenda (which is TOTALLY self-inflicted) and not on the moment....
I. must. stop. doing. this!

I found the most wonderful lamp shades at Lowes
for the two lamps we found for our space!!
All in all these two puppies add up to be a little pricey
and I will price them way high
so we will have some incandescent lighting in our space ~
they don't look like they should be expensive though!
(When lit they have the look of burlap!)

I went ahead and just did the coffee bath for the tags!
It's really much faster (thanks for reminding me Rebecca!)
and they dried in no time.
Plus I did a little sprinkling of the instant coffee
over top and they look wonderful!

I had to use a little bird stamp too....

And I tried so hard to finish this sweet assemblage but to no avail ~
Here's a little glimpse....

Don't beat yourself up if you can't get it all done....
"tomorrow is another day!"

I hope you have an amazing Friday!!!
hugs and love,

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I LOVE this!

You may recognize this wonderful organizer....
purchased quite plain from Ikea.....
but it doesn't look so plain anymore!!!!

Lisa of Tarnished and Tattered embellished it
with some of the gorgeous Tennyson Calendar images that
Mary of Green Paper sells in her shop!!

I love what you did Lisa and of course
I LOVE the images as well Mary ~
doesn't it make you want to make something beautiful today?

Click here to visit
Green Paper Packages

xxoo, Dawn

Aren't we all such kindred spirits?

I've been creating...but not how you may think!!
A sweet friend,
a very talented friend
is on the brink of joining us here
in this land of blog!!!!

I've been creating Ann a blog and
I'm almost ready to introduce her!!

But for now....I will give you a tiny taste
of her beautiful handiwork ~

This first photo is her rendition of my Baby Shoe Pincushion tutorial!
Isn't it GORGEOUS??!!

And here are a few more of Ann's breathtaking creations:

I won't show you any more because
I really don't want to steal her thunder!
But you know when you've met a kindred spirit, don't you?
I'll be introducing her blog VERY soon!

Gale of Wizard of Once Was is having a giveback ~
over and above the OWOH giveaway!
~Just click here to see her beautiful pillows and enter to win ~

Can you believe January is almost over??
Time is so fleeting....we truly must relish each and every moment ~

Wishing you a very happy Thursday dear friends!
hugs and love,

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just playin' ~

That's what I'm doing! Now that my Artist Class tutorial has been submitted, it's all good!
I found a napkin in between some magazines beside my computer....
and what did I find inside??
Dried rosemary ~
From the rosemary plant that kicked the bucket months ago ~
but this snippet is not for's for arting ~
Does a simple dried sprig of rosemary inspire you?
I just love it!

A precious fairy in the studio that's my sweet muse ~
thank you so much Mandy!
I think she likes it here....

Playing with tags for the new antique space ~
which will be in Antique Griffin....
simple brown ink, a sponge and a little aging of small shipping tags.
I used to coffee dye them but oh well, who has time?
The sponge and ink are quick!
Plus, with a script stamp ~ it's all good.....

I'm trying out packaging ideas for the tiny baskets I found.
Three lavender soaps, wrapped in brown toile wallpaper
then secured with hemp cord.
Simple but that's what I'm after.....
I could add a small square of burlap though :)
Of course, I had to age the edges of the soap a bit with my inky sponge ~
don't stand too close to me, I'm dangerous with this sponge!!

Wishing you a wonderful, creative Wednesday precious friends,
hugs and love,

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Old is beautiful ~

Is it because I'm getting older I feel this way?
Seems as though all you hear about is everyone trying to look younger....
but the older I get the more I love all things old!
I guess it's a good thing.....

A few image gifts for you today!

I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday dear friends!
hugs and love,

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sometimes being creative is MESSY!

A peek at one of my work tables....ugh!!!
It's just awful, I know....but so many ideas are flying around in my head
and I have just dumped everything here!

Gorgeous stamp to use on our tags in the antique mall ~

On the ironing board even ~ A nest my mother-in-law gathered for me....she SO gets me!!

Little baskets that I found on clearance at Hob Lob
to place a few wrapped soaps inside ~

Now....a peek at some of our finds for the new space.....
an amazing old scale ~ a little rusty but who cares?

An old clothespin bag ~ just like we love.....and look at the graphics on the old bottle!

Rustic baskets, simple cabinets...

I love clocks....the graphics of clocks....or anything having to do with them!!

Gorgeous old picnic basket, old metal lunch box, wonderful apothecary jars....

Lamps created from old posts....
wouldn't they look wonderful with shades with old handwriting on them?
How can I make that happen.....we'll see...

Wonderful old galvanized buckets that will perfect for spring plantings ~

More clock graphics....yes, they are busted ~
they have no hands or motor but who cares?
Aren't they lovely?
Oh yes, and a minnow bucket too!

A cool stand that won't be for sale but will display cards and other goodies for sale ~

Old industrial containers that would be perfect to plant herbs inside ~

So there you go! A little peek at what we've gathered so far!
I want to incorporate nests, eggs and other natural elements into our "look" ~

I have to share with you a beautiful jar that Kerry of Farmlass created!!!
I'm in love with it ~
Kerry calls it "Spring in a Jar"....PERFECT!!!

Spencer of Bellamere Cottage is celebrating her one year blogiversary!!!
She's giving away a sweet gathering of goodies
We wish you many more postings to come Spencer!!!

Thank you ALWAYS for stopping by here....
for saying hello and for caring about what I'm up to!

Wishing you a wonderful Monday sweet friends ~
Take a little time to do what you love....
hugs and love,

Friday, January 22, 2010

Gorgeous ~

I just love it when bloggers share their secrets!
This wreath is so beautiful to me...
you can see the entire tutorial HERE.....

Do you need some beautiful sheet music for your artwork or
simply love the graphics enough to frame them?
Just CLICK HERE for an abundance.....

Barbara Jean of Treasures from The Heart always loves sharing ideas!
I love how she's aged new baby shoes to look antique!!!
The nest tucked inside is precious....
Just click here to see how she did it ~

Wishing you a very happy Friday sweet friends,
hugs and love,


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