Tuesday, July 31, 2012

So...what exactly is "being creative?"

Creativity takes many forms...
it could be cooking a wonderful meal for your loved ones,
or maybe having a wonderful garden that produces yummy vegetables,
or keeping a beautiful home for your family,
and what about being able to host a fabulous party
that makes everyone feel like THEY are the guest of honor!!!
Creativity is truly so many different things ~

For me, being creative is simply taking
humble supplies and transforming them into
something that I love!!!

I've always, ALWAYS loved making things...
it could be from fabric,
cake decorating,
painting furniture,
sculpting from clay,
mixed media,
or whatever...
it just doesn't matter ~
to have two hands to create something new
from simple, raw materials
is the most wonderful joy ever!!!

A paperclay frog commission for a dear friend ~

A sweet little girl's kitchen set I painted....

Paperclay sweeties ~

A birthday cake for Dennis' grandmother...she was always so sweet to me!

More paper clay ~

A groom's cake ~ don't you love the strawberries??!!

My first little paperclay doll ~

A vintage magazine rack I handpainted to sell in my shop...

More cake decorating ~ I really thought I was going to get rich doing this!!!
Ugh, NO!

A purse I made using regular old drop cloth fabric from the hardware store...
wedding lace, vintage watch faces and beautiful old buttons ~

I painted this little baby chair for an antique space I had once,
I just love the images...it was one of those old McDonald's high chairs!!

A wedding cake....
Here's a wonderful story ~ did you know
my sister-in-law Julie and I made a ginormous wedding cake together,
we split the profits and
I was able to buy my very first sewing machine!!!

This was my baby shower gift for the same dear sister-in-law
I just spoke of...she was expecting her first baby after trying for so very long....
I hand painted one of those old kid's rocking horse things
and turned it into a carousel horse!!!

A couple of tables I painted to sell in my shop...

A little paperclay fairy...chubby thing that she is!

More paperclay goodness...a sparkly little bird!

you're about sick of this guy,
my paperclay snowman...he's the tutorial I sell!

And HEY! One time I gave him a body!!
I need to make more of these guys, I love him...

My bird from my paperclay snowbird tutorial...I still have him too!

And these fairy shoes all started with a paperclay base too!!!

My latest little bit of creative efforts?
I made our precious grandbaby Clara a fluffy doll blanket to give her
at Emily's baby shower...
I'm also giving her a baby doll cradle ~
just so she can be her own "little mama"
when baby Murray arrives!

Truth be known:
I really am a jack of all trades and a master of none!!!
But this is all I know in my heart....

Ecclesiastes 9:10

Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it  with thy might;
for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom,
in the grave, whither thou goest.

To be creative is a gift and a true honor...
we should all cherish this!!!

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday my sweet friends!
hugs and love,

Working on a few sweet little things...

I have been working on a few small things...
for a sweet little baby boy arriving in just about a month!

I started with a few scraps of flannel from my stash,
another gift from a dear friend ~
she gave them to me before Clara was born!
Oh well, better late than never, right?

I pre-washed them all, pressed them...
pre-washed and cut batting the same size too...

Now I have a wonderful set of soft little burp pads
perfect to include with my other gifts
for Emily's baby shower!!

It's so good to use your stash, isn't it??

Wishing you a beautiful Tuesday dear friends,
hugs and love,

Monday, July 30, 2012

Sweet blessings ~

You, dear friends, are my true blessings!
You encourage me,
inspire me,
and fan the flame of creativity in me!!!

Every once in a while I'll receive a love gift
that fills my eyes with tears...
this is one of those that I just have to share with you ~

My dear friend and cheerleader
contacted me recently and wanted my address.
She said she'd been gathering a few goodies
that she knew I'd love and wanted to send them my way
as a thank you for blogging and sharing...

You know I have to share them with you
because I'm sure if I love these precious treasures,
you will TOO!!!

First one of the gorgeous photos she sent...
I had to scan it in to share with you ~

A beautiful old poetry book and look at this amazing sewing basket!

As I opened the lid...there were even more treasures tucked inside...
can you believe that little pair of shoe pincushions???
Buttons, pearls, yummy old thread and trims ~

I pulled out the tray and even more goodness was there!!!

Antique lace, another beautiful photograph (you know I'll share too :)
baby shoes, the most INCREDIBLE
monogrammed hanky that is worthy of framing,
and a precious baby dress ~

Dear sweet Pat...
you are so very PRECIOUS!!!
I love each and every treasure ~
Thank you so, so much!!!

I am truly blessed with the most loving friends!

I've been wanting to share a few photos
of this wonderfulness with you too ~

I FINALLY got my hands on this amazing COLOR GUIDE
from Zipperstop....

I can finally really see the true colors of seam binding
when I'm ordering ~
If you love seam binding like I do,
this thing is WONDERFUL!!!
I want to wear it around like a sandwich sign!
Yeah, I'm a goober...

Neat, huh??

Thank you always for stopping by to see me...
you all truly are such wonderful blessings!!!

Happy Monday,
hugs and love,

Saturday, July 28, 2012


I found this wonderful pic I posted a couple of years ago
from our guest room...
just a few things that make me smile ~

You KNOW these angels make me smile!

I love the face of this precious baby from my fairy in a jar tutorial...
no matter how many times I see her, she makes me smile!

And isn't this heavenly?

Twine that I purchased at an estate sale years ago,
I still have them and love their simply beauty.

I was searching around on the Belle Notte Linens website and found a few
beautiful things that make me swoon ~

Wishing you a peaceful and blessed Sunday my sweet friends,
hugs and love,


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