Friday, August 27, 2021

My new studio is finally coming together!

Well, we've lived in our new home now for 6 months!
I think it was really about time I finished unpacking and
putting together my new art studio!

I had unpacked a little and decided I needed new
lighting fixtures on the sweet front porch.
I just LOVE how they look!!
Thanks to my dear daddy who installed them for me!

Dad noticed there was an old wasp's nest inside the rusty fan
that had been on the front porch so he took it apart
so I could use it for artwork!!!

The next step was a new door!
I found it on FB Marketplace and it was exactly what
I wanted to let a little more sunlight inside.
My sweet dad installed it AND we started hanging
lace curtains!

Yes, those bottom panels are quite long
but I can shorten them from the top later!

I've actually added a mini blind on this window below
because the sun sets on this side of the studio.
It really helps keep it cooler inside too!

You can kind of see the entrance to the tiny bathroom
in the left side of the photo below:

This is my new sewing table. It's on one end of the room and
my desk is on the other end. It really is just a room!
But I love it. There's a small bathroom in there as well because
it used to be the pool house!

This is the little nook off of the main room with a sink!
I've managed to cram as much stuff as possible in it though!!!
Even a mini fridge that was a gift from my son and his wife.

I know there are a lot of repetitive photos but
I took more pics once I hung artwork on the walls.

There is still more tweaking to do
but am so excited to get to MAKING again.
It's certainly time, right?

Thank you always for stopping by to see what I'm up to!

Hugs and love,

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

My new favorite place to visit!!!

It's so much fun discovering sweet shops
when you move to a new town.

I've finally been getting out a little bit and
discovered this JEWEL!!!

in Thomaston, GA.

Oh my goodness, Y'ALL!!!
There are so many wonderful treasures to be found!
Of course I had to take a ton of photos
to share with you...take a peek:


And then there is this little cutie!!!
This wee one is Boss Baby,
the official shop kitty!

I hope you enjoyed the tour...
It is such a wonderful shop!

Hugs and love always,

Friday, July 2, 2021

I'm getting there!

Our den is slowly but surely coming along.
I envisioned in my mind how I wanted it to look
and I really think it's getting there!

If you are a minimalist, this look is NOT for you.
I love the collected look.
Shelves filled with sweet treasures to enjoy.
Not tucked away in a drawer or box.

I special ordered two shades for the huge French doors
that are in our den.
I wanted something natural looking so
I went with bamboo!
They arrived today and my dad got busy
installing them.


They may seem dark but with this blistering,
middle Georgia heat, we needed them.
The look is exactly what I wanted!!!
For those who love bright and white,
this is the polar opposite.

This is not a sponsored post (I wish it was!)
but I found them on Blinds dot com and ordered
2 woven bamboo shades in Hatteras Cocoa.
No cords either! Just lift up or pull down.
It takes a few weeks as them make them to order
but they are certainly worth the wait!!

Here are a few more photos of our small but cozy den.
I'm finally getting things up on the walls!

Yes, I still have more to hang but there's more
empty walls in the house thank goodness!

I'm thankful for the good days.
When my mind is distracted from grief.
I know my sweet mama
sees our improvements and is smiling!!

Thank you always for visiting me,

Hugs and love always,


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