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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Just a tiny bit of snow ~

It did snow today! But you girls in the North would just laugh and laugh if you would have seen it . . . but seems like this is about all we get down here in Georgia now. Our ten year old was laying in an eighth of an inch of snow making a snow angel! Pretty pitiful but he enjoyed what we had. The seventeen year old made the little snow guy on the back deck and even gave him a glass cozy my grandmother made for a hat! But Thelma, the kitty cat just can't quite figure out what that white stuff is falling from the sky ~


Salete Lemos said...

I am Brazilian, Sao Paulo-Brazil.
Vistei your blog. He is a unique beauty and delicacy.
I also have a blog, I hope that visit:

Mary said...

Hi Dawn - thanks for the link to Sue Balmforth's Bountiful. I remember seeing some pics before but on going back now I see awesome rooms and furnishings in the style I love. How amazing Whoopi Goldberg's home is - would never have expected anything like that! Good thing I don't live near there - I'd spend all the grocery money and some!

Thanks for the tutorial on aging the concrete putti - I love garden statuary and have several pieces which, must confess, are already pretty aged looking - kinda like me!! If I get a new piece this Spring I'll remember what to do.

We had a dusting of snow here in Raleigh today too - dh threw a snowball at me! Enjoying Enya - one of my favorites.
Hugs - Mary.

P.S. My brother's old village house in France is gorgeous - I think visiting there is what clinched the old European look for me - muted colors, chipped paint and those shutters - oh how I love the shutters!

Ladynred said...

Nice pictures esp. the cat by the window.

Vanessa said...

I live in Arkansas and we don't get much snow here. But I have lived in CO, KS and even ND. We always get a kick out of how people react to snow down here. I love the snowman! My son made one a couple years ago that was about 4inches tall. So cute!

madrekarin said...

Ainslie made a snowwoman with pink Good & Plenty candies for lips. An hour later it looked like "she" had eaten an entire box and had spent the last hour drooling pink down her front!
It's nice to look out the window this morning and still see some snow left on the ground.
Poor Thelma! Snow and cats do not mix well.

Toni said...

You bet we would get a kick out of it...we have about 4 feet of snow on the ground and -7 degrees..Glad you enjoyed it...Toni

Maebelle Park said...

Hi cool! My son has been raised in Florida and has never even seen snow he wanted us to take off this weekend and see it.My husband is from Alabama and he said he read that there was snow in Montgomery.Thanks for sharing the pics!

Lady Em said...

Oh I love it!! I wish we were there!! I love the snow man to. It's just cold here. In fact we're freezing our buns off!! You should she Gretta, she is so much bigger, and she acts alot like Ellie now!! Miss ya'll!!

Heidi said...

I wish we had even a dusting of snow. It is raining and windy here. Oh well, it keeps the windmills going. :)

I love the photo of Thelma. Is she a Devon or Cornish Rex?

I also made a little snowman last year which I called my snow midget. I made him a gnome's hat and scarf. He is on my NeedleNecessitites blog if you look in Feb 2007 including photos of his demise the next day.

Hugs ~

TiffanyJane said...

Aw, Love little Thelma!!!...what a cutie!!
And your "light dusting of snow" looks beautiful! :) We only seem to get a few days of good snow around here {Texas} I love any kind of snow, just think it's beautiful!!!

PAT said...

Sounds like you all enjoyed the snow! Kids and animals always seem to have a fun time, when it snows!


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Thelma is too cute! Look at the gorgeous landscape you have around you! Beautiful. LOL - the showman is a hoot!


Lori said...

how cute!!! we had 15 inches of snow yesterday, your son would have had a BLAST in that i bet:)


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