Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sweet, small and pretty ~ perfect for this old farmhouse!

I finally finished painting our new dining room table!
Apparently I had forgotten how much I despise painting furniture.
I guess because I have painted way too many pieces in the past,
especially when I had my antique store.
This just reminded me what a drag it is!

But I really am pleased with the result.
And since the table itself was less that forty dollars
I guess I shouldn't complain!

I was going to paint the chairs as well but
I kind of like the look of them the way they are.
They look good with the wall color and
since my goose is cooked with painting furniture,
I think I'll just enjoy the contrast!

I've also found a few more junkin' treasures lately
so I thought it would be fun to share a few with you ~

First, this wasn't found at the thrift store but Hobby Lobby
has their glass items 50% off this week and
I had this wonderful Southern Living at Home cake stand...
(yes, I used to sell the stuff)
So I thought a beautiful glass cloche would be perfect resting on top!
I measured the diameter of the cake plate top before I left home
and it just so happened that they had the perfect sized glass dome!

Now to decide what to display inside.
That's the fun part!!!

I'm sure I'll be changing this display frequently but
here is my first attempt.
I still need to add a little bit more greenery! are a few treasures from the thrift store that I've found
in the last month or so:

A beautiful throw that matches our leather living room furniture...
less than three dollars!
It's been laundered and ready for getting cozy.

One gorgeous damask curtain (still less that three dollars) that is just waiting
to be transformed into something new!!
I love washing my finds as soon as I get home...

A pretty tuxedo style blouse that is wonderfully long...5 bucks and some change!

A neat little knitted pouch/purse for 4 bucks and change...
great for a flea market when you don't want to carry your big purse!

It even still had the original tag on it!!!

Two brand new, in package, full muslin cotton sheets that I washed and bleached.
Each one was just over a dollar a piece.
What will I do with them?
I don't know yet but when I think of it, I'll have them!!!

This was such a sweet find ~
A vintage child's butterfly collecting kit!!!
I just love it all...

But really.
Do they have to write the price in grease pencil right on the wood???
I need to figure out how to remove it.
But you can see what a deal it was!!!

And I recently found THIS at the thrift...
the best thing BY FAR that I've ever, ever discovered.

For a mere 5 bucks and change
an original MAGNOLIA PEARL blouse!!!
I absolutely LOVE IT!

Neat, huh???

Me at my happy place!!!

So, that's a few of my found goodies...
the hunt is always so much fun!

Now that I'm finished with the dining room
it's time to get back into my studio
and make a few pretties.
Hmmmm, what shall I make???

Thank you always for stopping by to see what I'm up to ~

Hugs and love,

Friday, January 15, 2016

As busy as a bee!

I really have been!
For years now, our little farmhouse dining room has been
converted into our soap shop.
Well, now that we've retired from making soap,
it's time to transform it back into our dining room.

I found a wonderful, round pedestal table at the thrift store
for under 40.00!!! It was in rough shape but
I knew I could paint it and it'd be just like new.

Then I found four chairs (these will be painted a soft white as well)
that would look great with the new table.

Soooo, that's what I've been busy doing this week!
Priming and painting the table and soon I'll tackle the chairs.

I've hung a pair of my very favorite sheers on the double window.
Here's a close-up of the detail!

I've had this old window for a while now and found a beautiful calendar in book form.
I sliced the pages out very carefully and placed them behind the glass.
No magic here, I simply used clear Scotch tape to tape them to the back!
I've always loved these floral monthly botanical prints ~

A work in progress...the base is finished but the top here had only been primed.
Everything is being painted a soft white and will be very lightly distressed.

I've had this wooden pedestal for a few years and plan on using it
in one of the corners of the room flanking the windows.
I need to put together a beautiful tall arrangement to put on it.

The chairs are still needing to be painted but you can kind of get an idea
of how our little room is coming together!

It's not's not fancy, but I'm SO very happy to have a dining room again!!!

And...I've marked down my little lavender sachets!!
If you want to take a peek, please check out my shop here:

It's time for these sweeties to have a new home!

I'll be sure to share my dining room when I finish ~ already I love it so!!!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend sweet friends ~

hugs and love,

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Getting back into the studio!

It's been awhile! But I really feel like my creative juices are flowing again.
I'm ready to get busy and use up more of this stash.

I have a new bag of fresh lavender buds so I thought I'd start with a
few pretty sachets. I even filled a vintage glove with lavender
and adorned it as well!

If feels so good to get back to what I love.
If you'd like to take a peek, they are listed in my Etsy shop!

Plus, I have a few new magazines and I think you'll love them!
I've taken a few photos inside to give you a sneak peek.
Both are January 2016 issues so you should be able to find them easily.

Wonderful, right???
I've gotten very picky about which magazines I buy now but
these two are definitely keepers.

I hope your new year is going so good!!!
I'm truly going to get back to what I love...
making pretty things ~

Thank you always for stopping by to see me!!
hugs and love,


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