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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Thank you sweet readers!

I had to show you what I received in the mail today! These beautiful Paris stamps by Cavallini that I have wanted forever but just never broke down to buy. Well, my Amazon Associates book store in my side bar shows my favorite books and if someone chooses to purchase one of the books I have listed, I get a little percentage. I just received my first gift certificate for 10.00 on and used it to go towards these lovelies! You can get a check too but I love books and also these stamps, so it was great to receive the gift certificate. I used them to make three bookmarks this evening and had the best fun doing it. So if you purchased a book through my little store, thank you so much!

Another Cavallini goodie, a small journal or idea book that I fell in love with. I want to keep it in my purse but it's such a danger zone I may have to make a little fabric pouch to protect it!

Also, today I met Karin (meadering travels of mindless thoughts) at The Plum Tree and she brought some of the neatest things in to sell. I'm sharing my room with her and already I'm so enjoying it. She's such a sweet soul and very creative too! She made the most wonderful chalkboard tags to sell and several other neat goodies. If you live in the area you'll have to drop by and see.

Anyway, she brought me one of her handmade roses ~ made from coffee filters (instructions on Martha Stewart's site). Karin's are absolutely gorgeous to me! Plus she made me the most adorable tote bag. I love bags and she knew it! Thank you so very much, Karin, you know I love it all ~ I'm so glad to call you my friend.

Lastly, here's a project I'm beginning to put together for a sweet friend, Cindy of Wisteria Place . . . I just had to let you know I'm thinking of you Cindy!


Alison Gibbs said...

What fabulous book marks you have made with your Paris stamps.
Karin's roses are beautiful. How sweet of her to make them and the tote for you.
Your project for Cindy is looking pretty.

SweetAnnee said...

Oh Dawn the coffee filter rose is so lovely!!

I was drawn to that lil journal also..with the
bird..i have one too!!


Dotti said...

Hi Dawn, I'm new to your blog. LOVE it all, but those bookmarks are gorgeous! The beautiful lady in the blue dress in the middle reminds me of my grandmother just before she married. Thanks for sharing,

Dotti - a new friend from Crabapple House in Australia.

Scrappy Jessi said...

i love those stamps! i love all of there stamps.
great projects you made.
that rose is beautiful.

Maebelle Park said...

Dawn I love the bookmarks. You are so talented!I woked on my blog all day yesterday, please go see and tell me what you think...thanks!

Kim said...

How cool the cavellini stuff is, I love it too. Cindy must be salivating, waiting to see the rest of the gift! Isn't blogging wonderful? Gotta love it! Kim

Donna said...

I love coming to your site and seeing all of your wonderful goodies! The rose is beautiful, it looks real!

Anonymous said...

I love your bookmarks. Don't you just love Cavallini products. I ordered the bird stamps several months ago and just love them. Maybe someday I'll get the Paris ones too.

From what I could read of the poem on your latest project, I love it. Any chance I could see the entire poem, or could you tell me where to find it?

Have a wonderful, creative day!

Rebecca said...

I am in love with the Cavallini bird stamps too. I used them to do lots of things for my wedding (thank yous, gift boxes, shower invites...) They're so much fun. I love, love, love that rose made of coffee made my heart swoon!

And those bookmarks are such lovelies. You're so creative, Dawn. I wanna be near The Plum Tree.


Lori said...

Dawn, your bookmarks are fabulous...i have some cavallini stamps too and yesterday i finally broke down and bought some GOOD ink pads so that i can use them more {cheap ink NEVER dries and smears all over the place:(}

the roses are gorgeous!!!

Lisa said...

Your bookmarks are just beautiful. I love the Cavallini stamps. I own the bird collection and now I must add the Paris one to my stash.

Have a great week!

Debi said...

Dawn your work is just amazing!!! I am a new blogger and an artist myself.Your bookmarks are gorgeous and I just loved your slide show!
Thank you for your inspiration!I am adding you to my favorites!
Kindest Regards,


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