Saturday, December 18, 2010

Old, a little stained, yet oh-so-beautiful ~

These little items would normally be forgotten ~
maybe tossed into a drawer or even the trash.

They are old, stained and don't seem
to have a specific purpose anymore.

Fragments of lace....old thread that has age speckles from the years ~
odd lengths of trims left over from a previous project.

That's no matter though, right??
For me they have a beautiful purpose.
They make me smile and
truly inspire my creative spirit!!!!!

A few found treasures at Antique Griffin today!

Even the gorgeous old labels make me swoon :)

I hope you are having a beautiful December weekend,
hugs and love,


Aaron {the girl with the boy's name} said...

They make me swoon too! Enjoy your treasures.

Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd said...

Just Beautiful.... Make sure you stop by & see the fun Vintage "Stuff" in my Give-Away ~ Hope you decide to Play along! xox

Theresa said...

Beautiful! Love it all, old is gorgeous! Have a blessed day! HUGS!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Dawn, I am CERTAIN that you will find some very wonderful, creative things to do with your "trash to treasure" items.
You always do.


{oc cottage} said...

To me, that is just a pile of golden treasures! WOW!

m ^..^

the gypsy chick said...

i just love your beautiful treasures! the trim in just divine!

p.s. i am having a little christmas giveaway if you would like to stop over & enter :)

Ella said...

You are lucky to find these. Your unique vision of timeless treasures, helps! ;-D

Leaping Frog Design's said...

Oh what wonderful treasures you have found...Leaves me breathless!

marie said...

These are wonderful treasures. I wish there were an antique shop or mall near me that had treasures in it. You find such lovely things!

Tina said...

Awesome great finds Dawn. Love those thread spools and the ribbon too.
Wishing you a wonderful day.
xo Tina


Looks like you scored big. I'd be swooning too!


time worn interiors said...

Dawn, you have a great eye for picking out all that small stuff that most people wouldn't even see at an antique mall! And I'm sure you will make some wonderful with these treasures!

Beth Leintz said...

Oh yes- those are the pretty little and simple things that I love, too. Especially the German label.

Sandy said...

Now those are my kind of stocking stuffers! Love every faded tattered bit. Glad you had a bit of time to hunt up some goodies, I am so missing my little flea market jaunts, maybe after Christmas. As always thanks for sharing a bit of visual beauty. Have a great week!

Riki Schumacher said...

OMG I want them all. Can we send you our stockings to stuff? Ha! Riki

Cottage Panache said...

All so warm, natural and lovely! Now I want to go digging in my stash! That brown edged trim is my favorite though! What a haul Dawn.

One Cheap B*tch said...

What wonderful finds!


vintagesue said...

i'm so with you dawn!! those are all so vintage sweet!! i can't get enough little treasure bits when i go plundering thru my junking haunts!! i so get it!!! oh....the labels are fantastic too.
thanks for sharing.

kluless said...

Love, love, love it all! This is exactly the kind of thing I go for myself. I imagine the sewing box it came from and the woman who owned it just wonder about what she made - her art. Great finds!


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