Monday, December 6, 2010

A little hammering...a little nailing....and it's finally looking like home ~

After finishing the tree up this weekend,
I couldn't stand looking at our bare walls any longer!
It's funny how it goes, hanging pictures ~
once you get to hammering and making a few commitments,
you get in the groove and it gets easier and easier as you go!

We love these two winter prints...we leave them up all year too,
they're just so beautiful.

(I'm sorry about these pics,
I took them about midnight last night so we're lucky
you can see anything!)

Yes, I piled the tree up on our end table...
only had to move a lamp!
Gifts will be under the tree and under the table as well ~

Dennis and I both LOVE clocks...
can you tell?

I love lambs and sheep.
This print is so old and very dark but I solved the problem
by hanging right over a lamp...instant illumination ~
and I never realized how
lovely it really was!

I hung a wonderful, very long military photo
over the door to the foyer,
it's amazing!!!

OH and can you see the mess I still have in the studio?
I'm slowly making my way to it.

Over the mantle is still in limbo.
I have a few favorites propped up there for now.

I love this mirror in the foyer ~

And this one is enormous and so ornate ~

I can't get over how good this makes me feel
to get things up on the walls!!

 I've met a sweet new blogger and you know I love
introducing new friends to you!
Please stop by to see Sherry of The Cheerful Nest
and welcome her to the fold ~

And just look at our angel Clara!!
Her daddy loves fishing and I think he's trying
to pass on the love....

I hope you have a very happy Monday dear friends ~
hugs and love,


Myrna said...

Oh DAWN!! Everything is SO beautiful!! I love the 'dark' looks so cozy and homey and warm. You must be lovin' your new home~ I am so happy for you!!

Sonya Badgley said...

You feel good about getting things up on your walls because you are "nesting"! That's just what is in the hearts and souls of women. And I'm thankful for it. Beautiful pictures and clocks.

Debra@CommonGround said...

Oh, that sheep print, it's gorgeous, LOVE all your wonderful art. Your right, once that hammer gets goin' it starts to be easy. Sometimes it just takes a while to get the "feel" for where things need to be. Your tree is wonderful, have fun getting all decked out for the Holidays.
love ya,

liszha said...

Wow! I love it! I could live there! And your christmas tree is gorgeous!

Theresa said...

Hanging pictures makes it feel like home:) I love all of your choices! Have a blessed day! HUGS!

The Old Parsonage said...

Hi Dawn

It all looks fab. So warm and cozy - love it!

Enjoy the season!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I'll bet it made a real difference, Dawn! I can see that just in the pictures. Great prints and mirrors. I like clocks, as well, and a seem to have at least one in every room and I keep looking at them when I'm out and see one!

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

It looks lovely Dawn...a warm and cozy inviting space. Your tree looks fabulous and I love your clock collection! :)

Deb said...

So beautiful Dawn ~ I love your collection of clocks & artwork ... your home looks so inviting.

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Your new home looks so wonderful, Dawn. It has been so much fun seeing you set it up so beautifully, every step of the way.

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Your walls look great! My walls are empty right now because we are painting and I literally lay awake at night trying to figure out what I want to do with them. I want to do some a little differently than I have had for the last 16 years.
I love your tree too!


madrekarin said...

It looks like home, Dawn. :)

Anji Johnston said...

Dawn - how did you manage to move all your stuff! You must have needed 10 moving vans and some very burly men! What a wonderful collection of beauty you have, all look fantastic. You have impeccable taste my friend. Now i must think about getting my tree up (or just look at your photos instead!).

marie said...

Everything looks wonderful Dawn! You have such lovely artwork and it seems you've found the perfect spot for each piece you've hung!
Your tree is beautiful and your home looks so peaceful and serene. Makes me just "sigh" (in a very good way) when I look at your photos!!

Blessed Serendipity said...

Your home looks wonderful, comfy and like home. Thank you for the tour.


Sandy said...

Everything looks divine as usual, you have a magic touch. Studios are supposed to be messy, its that lived in artist at work look, or so I tell myself anyway. Your farmhouse is turning out so pretty! We hope to start painting at ours after the holiday. I hope your Monday is a happy one!

kathy said...

Everything is so lovely Sweet DAwn , it looks so beautiful and inviting -- hUGZ _ KAthy ♥ ga

Sandi said...

Everything is just gorgeous Dawn!! You have a knack for decorating everything up just beautiful! Merry Christmas!

Anne Lorys said...

You've gotten so much done, you've made me look like a true underachiever!
It all looks so dreamy, Dawn! Would you mind running on over and helping a Texas sista out? ;-)


Rose Garden Romantic said...

Hi Dawn! Your home is looking so beautiful!!! I love all the clocks! Such a cozy, charming and homey room! Just makes one want to curl up with a good book! Your Christmas tree is so pretty! I think that's where mine should be considering my little 1.5 year old has emptied the entire bottom half of my ornaments off my tree and pulled it over once! Haha! Love the top of the cupboard that has those amazing Eiffel Towers!

Vee said...

Looks as if passing on the love is working. Clara is hugging that fish for all it's worth.

Oh beautiful, scrumptious, delightful tree. I like how you set it up on the end table that way. It gives you so much more room, doesn't it?

Wonderful clocks...I can see that you love them having given one a seat of honor. Handsome vintage pictures. It must make you feel as if you are truly at home to have all your treasures about.

Lisa said...

Oh girl, it's all wonderful! I do see what you mean about the shepard & his flock. What a beautiful picture especially this time of year. Love the clock wall too. And the tree!!!!! It's like a big warm vanilla sugar cookie. Love what you chose for orniments, your mittens, the cones & the tags. Last but not least, that sweet angel, Dawn she gets cuter everyday! She's gonna make Christmas so fun. Lisa

Peridots Garden Blog said...

Dear Sweet Dawn!

Oh how pretty! Actually the word that comes to mind is Serene!

Take care and enjoy your beautiful new's got the Dawn blessing and oh how much I enjoy seeing your photos!



Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Dawn,
I just love how you have decorated your home and how you have used all of your collections and vintage finds so beautifully.

Your tree is so pretty.


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Looking really good gal....mirrors made such a difference...adds to the size of the room.....we have them all over our little house, for that reason.
Love your little sheep...have taken a liking to them this year too.
Wish I had a Clara to more little ones left around here anymore.
Merry Christmas...she will SO enjoy it this she will be so much more "aware".

With Love,

Anonymous said...

I just KNEW it would be this beautiful! And what a wonderful time of year for you to finally do all of your new home decorating, Dawn!
Hugs, Diane

Nancy Hood said...

sweet pic of that baby girl :) Merry Christmas, Dawn. I enjoyed touring your home!

Debby said...

Hi Dawn, everything looks so beautiful and cozy. You have so many beautiful pictures, love them.

Dorthe said...

Oh dear Dawn,
this is a very beautifull post--I love your lighting on this photoes,every little corner looks perfectly cosy, and beautifull.
Love the sheep-and lamb picture-and the big Tour Eiffel, wow-- the collection of clocks are gorgeus, and so are your tree-just like a dream, sweetie.
I guess Clara don`trealy understand what is going on--but she surely will love everything and all the presents.
Love and hugs, to you, dear friend--Dorthe

Joy Burkhart said...

Hi Dawn! Your home looks so comfortable and inviting! Love your tree & the way it reflects off the beautiful prints' glass.

I got the speckled eggs yesterday! Thank you so much - my step-daughter will love 'em. I really like the way you packaged the eggs in old dress pattern tissue, too!


Lululiz said...

Beautiful photographs of a very lovely home. I don't like empty walls either, mine are covered in paintings in as well. I love the painting of the sheep, reminds me so much of my very early childhood, when the shepherd would come past my grandmother's house with his flock, and I would always be right in the middle of the sheep, and stroke them and play with their straggly coats, without a care in the world, lol.

The Rustic Victorian said...

Magical and warm Mamma have such yummie things in your nest. The pictures on the mantle are a good idea, add more, and a few candles and your done! oh mmmaybe a little lace.
What ever you do it will be more magic!
Happy Christmas!

ByLightOfMoon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ByLightOfMoon said...

the walls are fabulous with your photos and mirrors. I remember you finding the long people photo. Those are so cool with someone's lives they were proud of! The clocks also are a warming touch, your home is as comfortable as you are. I wish I could be so organized!
Smiles, Cyndi

Romeo said...

Okay here goes. Confession.

"She" LOVES it all but confided that "she" was not in the least bit. "She" has always loved your style and of course a lot of the same things you do. For example, the huge ornate mirror ("she" drooled over that vignette), clocks, and dark prints. And that's just the start. "She" LOVES it all.

And me?! I'm seeing all kinds of nice warm nap spots. I think I should come by for a visit. I'll bring my blankie and milk. And oh yeah, some cookies for Santa Paws....


Romeo and "her"

Romeo said...

Oops, got so excited I forgot to finish my sentence..."she" was not the least bit surprised by how much "she" loved your displays and your house in general. There. Confession said ;)


Romeo (who got a little too excited thinking about all the soft warm places to nap at your house)


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