Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A bit of a white post...maybe low-color?

I always love looking at everyone's White Wednesday posts ~
I've never participated because I just don't have that much white
in our home....I tend to choose items
that are just about the color of dirt :)
Yes, that's right.
Because then, I won't stress when my guys choose
to eat,
or anything else
in, on or around our house :)

I did look back in my photo archives though and found
several low-color pics that you might enjoy ~

Old artwork

Old images

Magnolia Pearl's method of hanging curtains ~ I SO love this!

Old friends

Old string

My collection of white pottery

Light through old linens

Another goody I made a long time ago ~

Another old image

My first silver sugar dish pincushion

My grandmother's cherubs she left me

A beautiful Nativity scene ~

You've got to see these precious little creations that
Vicki of Rusty Rooster Vintage made!!!!
She bought my paper clay snowbird tutorial
and has fallen in love with paper clay!!
Look at the shaker top used for the snow lady's hat.....
They are just precious Vicki ~

We've just about finished our Christmas shopping and
I'm trying to finish up a few last minute projects...
I hope that things are slowing down for you as well
We all need enjoy each and every moment of
this wonderful time of the year ~

Have a great Wednesday precious friends,
hugs and love,


Blondie's Journal said...

You have a lot of pretty whites...I love your collection of pottery and the pincushion is just beautiful!

Happy Holidays, Dawn!


Dorthe said...

Hello sweetest friend,
thankyou for lovely items,--and for showing your beautifull art work again--I so love the both pincussions, and the little fairy.
Also your white pottery are beautifull looking,dear friend- and it must be a joy have the cherups, from your grandmother, Dawn.
I still a a whole week-end show to caths up with-then I can concentrate on our private christmas :)-
Much love and hugs, from Dorthe

Theresa said...

Beautiful! I love the white but I don't have that much white either:) I am winding down my shopping and wrapping and plan on enjoying the rest of the Season! Have a blessed day dear Dawn, HUGS!

Vee said...

That was a fun tour through your white treasures. Oh, yes, it's so much easier to have a decorating style that doesn't require everything to be pristine. Good for you to be almost finished with Christmas shopping. I've not started yet!

Sandy said...

Slowing down? Are you kidding, they are just winding up for me, being sick the last two weeks put a serious dent in my getting ready, just finished decorating yesterday, off to grab a few gifts today, wrap, and then hopefully dive into the studio to whip out some things I wanted to make for gifts. Don't get me started on holiday baking or the big family gathering I have to cook for next week, EEK! You have to love the dizzy busy of the season.

Loved looking through your treasures, a nice break from busy. Have a wonderful day!

Angie said...

Wow - your silver sugar dish pincushion! That is so pretty! Your ideas are incredible!

5 of your images wouldn't load for me I'm sure it's not an issue on your end - I have dial up
: ( I will have to come back later and have another peek. A high speed tower has just been activated out here so I'm crossing my fingers we will get signals from it so we can get high speed and join the 'real' world!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Hi Dawn! I used to do White Wednesday till I ran out of white things to show! Your whites are lovely! I love your white pottery and the silver pincushion!

Vicki said...

Hi, Dawn. I mentioned you and your great tutorials in my White Wednesday post today. I'm addicted to paperclay every since I bought your lovely snowbird tutorial! I struggle with whites too. My house is full of dark, rich colors, wood and iron. That nativity scene is just gorgeous. Keep warm!

Vicki at Rusty Rooster Vintage

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Stopping in to read your post and say Hi... It is really cold here and I believe you may be extra cold also.... Have a great day of this holiday season.

Rose Brier Studio said...

Lovely whites/low colors! I'm mighty fond of Pooh & Piglet and the pretty things you make.

One Cheap B*tch said...

Is that a nightstand with the sheet music? That is just dreamy! Your photos make me VERY happy!


Rella said...

Your first Christmas in your darling new old home...It will be a beautiful memory for you I am sure. I do so love coming to visit and the shared photos are always wonderful eye candy.
Bless you.

xox Rella

Simply Shelley said...

Beautiful post peaceful...blessings

Createology said...

This is a lovely and very calming post. I love your photos you shared. Happy Holly Jolly Joy...

Lisa said...

Stunning...white on white is always a favorite of mine!

Lisa said...

Hey baby,
I do LOVe the magnolia pearl valance. And the low color, yeah I love that too! Lisa

Carole said...

Dirt and the color of dirt is all good. Maybe I'm a little partial since I work in it all the time.
Everything you touch is magic!

Vicki Boster said...

such lovely photos Dawn - I love the way those curtains were hung - and also the way you hung those vintage linens in your home! You have such a wonderful touch for decorating!



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