Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Trying to thaw out....

It's finally beginning to warm up a little bit here in Georgia!!
We had an awfully cold Christmas and then coupled with
terrible winds, this old house didn't know what hit it!
I don't know how some of you deal with the cold weather ~
we are really spoiled with mild winters.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas,
ours was a quiet one but so good ~
Clara was simply amazed at everything!!
We are so truly blessed...

Thank you all so much for your sweet birthday wishes!!!
You made it very special for me ~

I'm getting ready for Noah's birthday party now,
which is Thursday evening ~
I can't believe he's going to be thirteen!!!

I've given you the images below before....
but maybe you'll like them again?


Have a wonderful Wednesday precious friends!
hugs and love,


Charlene said...

Dawn I LOVE all the images you shared with us! THANK YOU so much for your generosity! I am going to an Art Event in March (Moulin Rouge) & these might come in handy. Hope you have a marvelous New Year! HUGS!

Dorthe said...

Dearest Dawn,
yes it is amazing to be with little people christmas eve-they see everything for the "first" time and we experience all the joy and exitement through them,once again!
I wish you happy birthday thursday, for your Noa, prescius friend- and thankyou for the wonderfull images,-
Love to you sweetie, and hugs.
Oh and I love the beautifull picture you made with all natures wonders-so fantastic.

Sandy said...

They do grow up fast don't they? A very happy birthday to Noah!

Theresa said...

Thank you for those lovely images! Have a blessed day and hopefully it is warming up a bit for us! HUGS!

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

When I heard about the weather in Georgia
I was thinking about you and how you were doing
in it ~
Happy Birthday to Noah!!!


Nita Jo said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful images. Happy Belated Birthday to you, and a very Happy 13th Birthday to Noah! They grow up so fast...

Nita Jo

The French Bear said...

Glad to hear you have had a break in the weather! Isn't it fun to have a baby for the holidays, I love to be around the grands at this time of year!!!
Wishing you lots of love and joy for the New Year!
Margaret B

Char said...

Happy Birthday to Noah, a teenager now. I bet he is so excited, it's a milestone in a child's life.
Try and stay warm, and I am wishing you a wonderful Happy New Year, Char

Mac n' Janet said...

I don't know where you are in Georgia, but here on the coast it has just been freezing, I don't do winter and this one has been much too cold for me.

Denise said...

Beautiful pictures! I will keep them but not sure what I would ever do with them..... but one never knows........

Have a Happy New Year........ filled with all things frilly!

Sheila said...

What beautiful images! Now, where is that awesome printer I asked Santa for? ;)

Barbara Jean said...

Love the images. thanks!

the French ones will fit into the new French/Victorian room at the store. coming soon.



Karen said...

Dawn the images are gorgeous and that beautiful bride has my mind whirling with possibilities.Its freezing here as well.We are digging out of 15 inches of snow, beautiful but I hate driving in this weather.Have a blessed New Year!

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday to Noah, who is turning my son's age. He is your baby, right? So is my son. Aren't they getting big? Still, my Robert is not too big for a kiss on the cheek now and then. He's my sweet linebacker.

Thanks for the photos. I think I will use to sweet birdie pic on my blog.

God bless,

JH said...

Thanks for the great images....

Gracefully Vintage said...

JUST love the images, and those doll shoes are so sweet. Thanks for sharing Inspiration...

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

Hi Dawn, Thank you so much for sharing the gorgeous images, I love them and a very Happy Birthday to your precious Noah!
Wishing you a New Year filled with Many Blessings!
Carol Anne

Kerrie said...

Hi! I had so much fun catching up on your posts!! With all the holiday preparation and hubby's treatments twice a week, I have not been visiting as much as I like. Hopefully, with the New Year things will get back to normal whatever that is-ha! Hugs, Kerrie

Carol Mae said...

Dear Dawn, Thanks for sharing all the wonderful images. Hope your Christmas was wonderful and your New Year will be full of love and great things. Hugs, Carol Mae

Jessi Nagy said...

Hey Doll
"Happy New Year!"
Have a Fab 2011!

Vee said...

Your baby is a teenager?! Hope that Noah had a wonderful birthday.

I can not even imagine how cold it must've been for you. It was cold here with the howling winds so I'm magnifying it by 10 and thinking that's how it must've seemed for you Georgians.

Loved your thoughts on the New Year. Often I don't take charge as I should and discover...oops...I could have created that; I could have made that happen.

All the best with each new that word, too.


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